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Steve I have a couple of questions. First has you new protocol to sign in had the desired effect? It probably stopped a lot of “drive by bloggers” from making assaults on your site, but has it stifled the responses? Or it that the goal. Kudlow could not take the flack on his blog, so he shut his comments off altogether. But Kudlow was one of the most incompetent economists I have ever known, and he hardly ever spewed out a subject that he was not dead wrong on. On the other hand, you are extremely logical and seem to hold your own on your blog. Second, what happened to your Dave Chapelle post? It got more response then your last 5 posts.
Steve, your new look shows us you are loose, fast, and ready for action. Break out those fancy charts/graphs and just go nuts!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2008 on Full disclosure at The Skeptical Optimist
Steve, who benefits the most when inflation is understated? Governments throughout history have always tried to spend more money then they can collect. Inflation is just a hidden tax that hits the poor and middle class the hardest. The deeper a country is in debt the more beneficial it is to its government to have higher inflation. Headline inflation is a more realistic measure for average Americans and it is most likely understated as well.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2008 on So, where's the inflation? at The Skeptical Optimist