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Kristin, they must have changed it because it used to be 2 years in California - which _does_ make sense. A lot of people's vision change in 2 years (mine hasn't in the last 5 years though). I believe my current state has a 2 year rule. I like Zinni Optical (online) but its harder to find glasses that fit me right because I am overweight and so need a wider frame. You should be able to find some really, really cute ones though.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2013 on DVR Wars at Girly Girl by Author Kristin Billerbeck
I just double checked IMDB and it lists him as Khan now, so I think the cat is very much out of the bag (so to speak). Never mind :)
Toggle Commented May 28, 2013 on DVR Wars at Girly Girl by Author Kristin Billerbeck
What a wonderful, generous thing for someone to do!
You might want to do a spoiler alert on the Khan thing... that, is as far as I understand, telling people that Bruce Willis was actually dead in the 6th Sense (in that its not yet well known). I didn't know going into it and most people are keeping it under wraps as far as I can tell. If the news has talked about it; then its fair game of course... :)
Toggle Commented May 28, 2013 on DVR Wars at Girly Girl by Author Kristin Billerbeck
I'm actually amazed because Amazon generally has exemplary customer service. I mean seriously - both me and a friend (on separate occasions) rented a movie from their video on demand and then ended up having cruddy internet and the movies kept dying. Well... we didn't complain to Amazon cause it was our internet's fault. And lo and behold... the next day (separate days of course) we get emails from Amazon apologizing that we had issues with our movies and that they were crediting back the amount of the rental. I'm sure that its an automatic report they get - but the amount of time tells me that someone human has to be going over the report to see who was affected; etc.
It might be good for your kids to learn to not react when people do and say stuff they don't like (especially when the other person is completely in the wrong). Its good they want to defend their Mama (and rightly so) but there is something to be said about learning not to be offended. I haven't read it all the way through but I read enough to get the gist - there's a wonderful book called "The Bait of Satan" and its all about learning how to not get offended. And I'm not talking about righteous anger; etc... but even then I think people (including myself) need to take time to step back, breathe, and temper our responses. BTW, did you delete this post on FB or are you talking about your Author Page or friend page cause I never saw it.
This would be great PR for them!
Yay! I thought I had commented earlier but apparently it got eaten - I am looking forward to this one.
Your comment on Ireland reminded me of what I found out this morning happened to a friend - she and other friends of hers were saving up for Ireland and were going through a travel agent that turned out to be a fraud :( So... be careful.
Oh wow... that is like 10 thousands times worse than when a kid pees on you - cause at least _their_ clothing (and diaper) blocks some of it.... I'm sorry :(
I was like "Heather Graham??? That Heather Graham???" and sure enough it is her. She's worked pretty steadily over the years which is how I know her name. I thought she was closer to my age though - but that's probably because like most actresses she was playing young 20's when she was in her late 20's, early 30s.
I don't blame you on that regard. I'm not too happy that my FB picture is posted here but it wouldn't let me create any other account. Oh well. :) And I never did say - I think its good that color is becoming fashionable. I haven't been married and I suspect it won't happen but I very much want a Jane Austen-ish type dress should I ever get to say "I do" - color would be nice too :)
Phew - finally. Thank you Kristin. This new commenting thing stinks (but not your fault). Finally figured it out. I think. Anyway, I was saying earlier - white dresses are not pagan, they started with Queen Victoria. Before that women wore their nicest dresses (if they had them). Now flowers and flower girls and maids of honor and bridesmaids - one would be scandalized as to where many of these customs came from :)
I have only ever gotten to see about half a dozen episodes of BBT over the years but last night marked the first time I'll be able to start watching it on a regular basis. And I also only read your blog every once in awhile; but even I started giggling big time when I saw the Velvet Wesley. I thought that was a brilliant touch!
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