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Jeff Levensailor
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I have a job at a very small company doing network admin stuff, but also have my hands in virtualization, cloud computing, voip, lamp, consulting, etc. My problem is that I went to school for 5 years but never finished, and when I eventually look for another job, I need something to show for it because I do believe I have a pretty good self-taught understanding of networking. My friends laugh when I study for tests, asking if I'm going to get a raise, etc and I have to shrug it off. Do they matter? yes and no. I know The MS tests are (mostly) retarded, and I can guess that the answer 90% of the time is the one that makes them look the best. The Network+ has a lot of stupid memorization of connector types and wire distances you would probably just google later.. BUT somehow I have learned a lot in studying, so I can't say they are totally worthless. I currently have MCSA/MCITP/Network+ and taking my CCNA next month, and if wasn't so expensive I would do VMWare and RHCE too. My plan is just to get an interview, and be able to talk fluently to someone who also understands it (typically they will bring a current network admin in on the interview to "sign off" on any new hires)
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Jul 26, 2010