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Lew Dunham
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Jimmy Wilson's tackle immediately preceding the Mike Evans "attempt" was executed exactly the same way ... a body block without arms wrapping up ... JW was able to knock that receiver off his feet, but not with Evans. That style only works when you use your hands ... I hope they've drilled it into JW ...
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want to get excited about Billy Turner? worried about his level of competition? then check out North Dakota State vs Kansas State 2013 on YouTube... (the Cats put a whoopin' on UM 2 years ago for those who think KSU is a pushover). The first two series are all you'll need to see to understand the type of player he is. Billy had awesome second and third effort ... plays thru the whistle ... he's going to be a fine lineman ... Watching Ja'Wuan James is another story ... I'm still searching for a game where he showed something special .... he consistently makes an initial hit and then stands around and watches the rest of the play ... rarely an effort to find work ... he's going to have to get with it, or he'll be replaced .... I can't believe the staff watched the same guy I watched ... and used their #1 on him ... I hope I'm wrong .... .
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Tannehill should spend five minutes watching the Dan Fouts highlight film on YouTube ... THAT is how you throw the deep ball ... let 'er rip!
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what was Brady spraying on his hands? stick-um?
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Sep 12, 2013