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Their are thousands of families that have been effected by the eatquake and there will be sever more thousand effected when they find out that there loved ones aren't returning home. They have lost everything they own, including their loved lets make this this process as easy for those in need and DONATE!
After discussing this event with several other students I am aware of the issues that Japan is still facing such as the Nuclear power plants. I will be keeping these people in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully a solution will be reached so that they can start to better their situation and reconstructing their country!
Its nice to see that so many organizations are taking matters into there own hands and sending food, water, and all kinds of other donations to help make this time as easy as possible for Japan!!! Its just a shame that that all of these organizations can't do the same for our own country year round especially when we have so much poverty!
I knew there was an earthquake but I was unaware of the amount of damage that it did to Japan and the number of people that it has effected. After reading these articles it seems as if experts are somewhat confused as to what to do to try and better the situation in Japan! I think that making people aware of the situation should be a priority that way a plan can be discussed and an approach on the situation can begin!
I find this information very helpful because I was unaware of this organization before reading this blog! I think that its awesome that we can help those who are in need, not necessarily the hungry, but the ones that have lost everything because of a unpreventable natural disaster; such as this one. I thanks those taking action to help those in need!
Many don't help because they are unaware, and by using the internet and getting the word out about world hunger is helping to one day end the fight against world hunger. Meeting people in the middle and using something that is user friendly allows for a better outcome, which leads to more money raised to end world hunger!!
It has been proven that Hunger relief week has made a huge impact on world hunger! Hunger relief week made history with its millions of volunteer hours and 15 million dollars that was raised; but those who seek to end world hunger hope to continue to make history with even bigger numbers in hope to end this war against world hunger!People go above and beyond for those in need and its a true blessing just to observe and be a part of such an amazing thing, and it warms my heart when reading these blogs!!
Using the Internet to get the word out is one of the most successful, due to the Internets millions of users each day! Raffling is a great way in getting people to participate in donating money to feed a family in need. Its sad to say it, but in today's day and age people are all about themselves and a raffle gives them a chance not only give, but receive at the same time!
Blogs such as these that are informing the people about things such as an unpreventable Earthquake help people; such as myself realize exactly what happens all around the world that aren't directly affecting me! Hopefully everyone who reads an article or comes across something to help reduce the blow that haiti has taken, will take action and help those in need. I also think that as Americans we need to be leaders, and help Haiti recover because we never know when the tables could be turned. Little things such as this will insure Haiti a brighter future and more promising tomorrow!
Big names such as the Gates puting forth an effort to end world hunger sets and example for others to follow. World hunger is a serious issue that hopefully someday will be a part of the past, and will no longer be talked about in the present or the future. The money given isn't the answer to ending world hunger. However, the education bettering the farmers farming process helps to insure a promising future!
Every little thing helps. There are several third world countries that have organizations set up to feed the hungry. If we could get more industrialized countries to participate we could eventually distinguish the war against world hunger. This is war, and no one country can do it alone. Which is why we need to continue to strive in a positive direction and make efforts to end world hunger. My hope is that one day we can drive shelters out of business!!
I feel that it is a great thing that Arm & Hammer is doing to show there recognition of world hunger. I hope that more companies follow in there footsteps and begin doing exactly what Arm & Hammer is doing with certain products!! This alone isn't enough to put a stop to hunger around the world. However, if we act together, we could eventually put a stop to world hunger!
Surveys are one of the best things that can be done to become aware of those going hungry here in America. Many of us over look what we have because it has always been there, but when I see numbers such as these; It really opens my eyes as to what is taking place that no one see's. I think this is a big step to ending world hunger, because before you can take action, you must first name what it is before you can begin taking action to put a stop to it!!!
Its horrible that something bad has to happen or order for some type of positive action has to take place! However, 50,000 thousand meals a day to those in need is a great thing, and hopefully the numbers continue to grow and the people can also continue to benefit until they can establish themselves and begin providing for themselves and there families! In order for people to help themselves they must first be helped and I think that this is an amazing way of allowing them to do so!!!
I feel that this is a great step towards ending world hunger, and helping those in need! This is the 4th annual menu for hope, and I hope and pray actions such as this menu for hope continues and someday I will read about a 25th and then 50th annual menu for hope. Whoever can do so should donate as much as they can to benefit the menu for hope, it is a great thing and I would like to see it continue to grow!
Before reading this I was unaware of Hunger relief week! The amount of volunteering hours actually volunteered is amazing. I think relief week is an amazing thing and should things such as relief weeks should take place everywhere that world hunger is an issue. Its steps like this that have to take place to eventually end world hunger. I think its a great thing that these people are doing for those in need!
I think its awesome to see those blessed with money are helping take action to end world hunger. Hopefully This will trigger investments of several large companies! Bill and Melinda are changing future generations, by allowing the hungry to eat they are providing a healthier beginning for young children at birth. This is one small step to ending world hunger in third world countries. The largest and biggest step would be removing all large companies that are using the countries for nothing but there profits!
AWESOME!!! I am so glad that people are finally taking action and helping people in need! I feel that everyone able to do so should buy a ticket and help in anyway possible to make this as beneficial as possible! Thousands of people are starving all over the world in third world countries, I am thankful for those who are taking the steps to fight this Famine here in the United States! Thank you so much for this blog, everyone should know what is taking place and how it is eventually going to come to an end!
Money is the root of all evil! People in countries such as India are going hungry because large companies are going where the labor is cheap, causing for greater year end profits! More then half of the food harvested is being exported, leaving India to fend for itself on the little land that has not yet been industrialized! This blog shows the need for a greater action to be taken place to stop world hunger; and until done so, we should continue to spread the word and make it as world known as possible!!!
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Jan 18, 2011