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"requires a partner and Hamas is never going to fill that role, Fatah....maybe" As a wise man once said, "You make peace with very unsavoury enemies." That was Yitzhak Rabin. I said a different thing in college in the mid-70s. "An Israel at war with its neighbors will never have secure borders, no matter where they are drawn. An Israel at peace with its neighbors will have secure borders, no matter where they are drawn." I still think both of us are right. The nasty trick is to get Fatah to enjoy peace more than warring on Israel.
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And how many YEARS ago was it that President Bush said exactly this-- that Iraq was a 'theater' in the war on Terror? It was certainly before his re-election, I know that much.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2008 on 2 Theaters, ONE WAR! at BlackFive
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Thanks so much for this bittersweet story. I pray for healing for all of those who have lost loved ones or their health defending this country's values. And Obama has declared that America can't afford another President like this one. I want all of them to be like this one. I Forwarded the link and the story to half of my Contacts in email. The other half have spent the last 8 years and more hissing and spitting whenever "W" enters the conversation. I pray for them, too.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2008 on The Reason To Delay Air Force One... at BlackFive
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"The Audacity of Arrogance" What would the enemedia say if any Republican demanded a photo-op at 10 Downing Street while excluding the British PM? So much for good relations with our allies. What's next? Ordering the Queen from Buckingham Palace so he can use the swimming pool?
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2008 on 10 Downing Dork at BlackFive
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Mindy1 just touches on why I don't expect to see a living MOH winner from this war-- at least not until after GW Bush leaves office. The hell that the leftists will put the man through will sicken us. Look what they do to recruiting centers, recruiters and conservative speakers on campus. That will be nothing compared to what happens to a living MOH winner from this war. He'll need bodyguards.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2008 on I am beginning to wonder.... at BlackFive
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If you read the complete story, you will notice that the captured Germans were held incommunicado and kept away from the Red Cross until they talked. Only after they had given up all they knew was the Red Cross even informed that these men had been taken prisoner. I don't think these WWII interrogators should be throwing stones, or else they should be honest enough to admit that they too were willing to cut Geneva Conventions corners when the country was at war. Not to mention that-- to say it until everyone gets it-- the Geneva Conventions don't apply to terrorists. We just choose to apply the rues because the Left kept making such a stink over them.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2007 on Old interrogators insult current ones at BlackFive
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