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It took me a while to get used to Android as well (and a few months to figure out how to mount mass media mode). I share a lot of the same annoyances (you'll find some more - notifications will steal focus from your current input, also there's no "update all" in the App Store so once you install a fair # of apps, you'll basically never be caught up on updates). That being said, over the past month of using Android day in and day out, it did grow on me. You get used to long presses doing random extra functionality, and while there are less apps, there is a bigger variety than the iPhone, including apps doing much more interesting things that aren't allowed on the iPhone (background apps, access to sms/phone/hardware). Also, while I'm also vexed by the stupid alphabetical scrolling launcher screen, once you get your desktops set up w/ icons, it's not bad. Of course, the annoying thing about that is that as you add apps that are in the middle of your list, it means you have to scroll down for every single app that you want to pull and try to put on the desktop, reminding you how stupid and useless the launcher screen is. - Desktop widgets are a nice idea, although in practice, the only ones i've found useful are the weather widget and the hardware toggle widget (brightness) - Android lets you install .apk software packages that aren't in the Market. the Market doesn't require preapproval by Google. - The media player on Android is pretty pathetic. I haven't even ever bothered with putting music/video on my Android phone (I never carried it around w/o having alternatives). - It doesn't have pins or a way to add/edit points, but while traveling, I found the Layers functionality to be pretty killer (w/ My Maps) There are also a bunch of alternative map apps - RMaps and MapDroid were the most interesting - which pull OSM data/tiles and provide offline access. - For screenshots, there's this wacky app called ShootMe which works great, but requires you to shout at it to take a screenshot (well, there's lots to shout about) - this might not work on your Droid - requires a rooted phone. Useful Apps: Locale - shows off interesting things you can do w/ full phone access ConnectBot - really nice SSH client Talk to Me - babelfish! Wifinder/WifiBuddy - there are actually a whole bunch of wifi finder apps (even an AR version) Layar - AR overlays
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