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Congrats! I love Wordpress. That's where my site (albeit not updated frequently) runs off of and what I recommend to clients or others who ask me advice. If you need assistance I'd be more then happy to help. Also a few tips - install the apps to help you track statistics and views (obviously) as well as a spam filter (you will get lots of spam... I am a no one and gets TONS of spam). I use the standard twitter app on my right side bar that is customized to the color codes in my theme. :) Look forward to seeing what the new site looks like!
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Okay a) Being a geeky girl dating an equally if differently geeky boy we both respect the others interests but also - through learning more about them he has gotten me interested in some gaming (I love munchkins) and I have gotten him more interested in comic books (breaking him in with Vertigo before having him dive into the DC universe). It's wonderful! (It also helps I made him a Jayne hat (and watched all of firefly with him) and am working on a Dr. Who scarf for him for Comic con (although I haven't watched that yet)). b) I think a Fitness guide for gamers/geeks/readers would be an amazing idea. There seems to be the idea that those of us who enjoy geeky pasttimes are usually overweight and/or out of shape. It would be nice to be able to overcome that stereotype. You have given me an idea for an awesome project... Unless you have it copyrighted.
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May 3, 2010