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Libbi Rich
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I do the page-by-page breakdown before I start scripting, too. If I get to a particularly sticky point, I'll even mock up a page (with my very-much-less-than-awesome drawings) to give it a push along. Nice to hear that the creative juices are flowing, Wil!
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As usual, it was great to see you, Wil. Storytime was awesomeness-in-an-hour; even without Scalzi, I think it should still be called the Awesome Hour. I tried to make it back to pick up the comics on Sunday, but fate and a million diversions intervened. Can I purchase signed copies anywhere (where the $ go to you, not some ebay reseller)? We look forward to seeing you next year. And yes, I will ask for an interview before that show, as well. One of these days! Muhahahaha!
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Sounds like a great time, wish I could've been there. Will you be returning to Phoenix in May, Wil?
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Sorry to go off thread, and I do hope you have a wonderful time in Germany, but I just learned that you are returning to Phoenix ComiCon. THANK YOU!
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Apr 27, 2011