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Wow. Just devoured the excerpt. Now I can't wait to read the rest, whether I win the book or not.
My first club is The Baseball Moms Book Club, because that is how we met. Our sons all have played baseball together in town rec leagues and school teams for lo these many years. My second one is the Sisters Book Club (which I could not get my own sister to join!) comprised of dear cousins, sis-in-laws, and nieces...we vote on books and discuss the monthly book via email!
AOGG is one of those books that transports you to the time and place. I loved it and re-read it many times. I'm 51 now, and if I am ever in a house with a small upstairs bedroom with low windows and curtains blowing in the fresh breeze...and a gabled ceiling, of course!...I can't help but think of Anne.
Ah, yes. Usually you have to force children to visit a museum, or elderly relatives they don't know, to get these expressions. Nicely done. Am I mistaken or is this the perfect Connors family Christmas photo 2008?
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