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I think this needs to be done in mass at PAX Prime.
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This is an important issue and more people to need speak out. One thing that I feel you stated well is that this is an issue with an institution and its rules instead of focusing on the specific agent committing the act. These searches don't only affect the passengers, but also the thousands of white collar TSA agents who are forced by their employer to inappropriately touch or view individuals of the same sex and children. Image if you went to work one day, and your boss tells you "New company policy, you now have to grope peoples genitals for 8 hours a day. If you don't comply then your fired". In a down economy where finding a new job is extremely difficult, this puts a lot of hard working Americans in a bad situation. I would not be able to live with the guilt of having to subject people to these acts, and I am guessing most TSA workers feel the same way. They are just trying to provide for their families. Hopefully people understand that this is not the TSA workers fault and place the blame on them, or worse retaliate towards them.
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Will Wheaton has been cast in the role of Smurfette in the upcoming live action movie, "Smurfin' Around". A light hearted tale about Smurfette's addiction to sex, and how it leads to her eventual down fall.
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Nov 2, 2010