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Interests: music, travel, media, current events, photography, technology, politics, vegetarian food, morrissey
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Moreu - Timaru Herald 17 April 2017 Emmerson - NZ Herald 19 April 2017 Murdoch - Dominion Post 19 April 2017 Chicane - Southland Times 17 April 2017 Hubbard - 9 March 2017 Slane - Listener 9 March 2017 Chicane - Southland Times 8 March 2017 Body - NZ Herald 26 November 2016 Moreu - Timaru Herald 26 November 2016 Murdoch - The Press 26 November 2016 Murdoch - The Press 5 September 2015 Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2017 at liberation
With its mainstreaming in New Zealand, feminism has lost its radical and anti-Establishment edge. No longer is feminism decried as an unsavoury ideology for hairy-legged, braless angry young women, but now feminism is for everybody. In this guest blog, John Moore argues that the mainstreaming of feminism has reduced a complex and varied set of tools and theories - regarding women’s oppression - down to a simple catchphrase of “If you believe in equal rights for women, then you’re a feminist”. So, if everyone can be a feminist now, has the term really been emptied of all content? That is,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2017 at liberation
Here's some of the more interesting and insightful tweets in reaction to the National Government's announcement of the age of superannuation entitlement rising. The most recent tweets are first. More to be added. Tim Murphy‏ ‪@tmurphyNZ Sorry, but any temporary party of government saying they'll start doing something in 20 years time is just fanciful. ‪#upto67 Emma Hart‏ ‪@Ghetsuhm Superannuation age change will hit exactly the cohort who got super-interesty student loans. Yay us! Simon Wilson‏ ‪@simonbwilson Is this the last vestiges of John Key's legacy in tatters or is there something else he defended to the end that I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2017 at liberation
The Maori parties have been delivered a sucker punch with Labour’s successful courting of Willie Jackson and John Tamihere, who are now both firmly within the party’s embrace. With Jackson being promised a high list pacing, and with John Tamihere likely to be given a prominent campaigning position by Labour, the Maori Party and the remnants of the Mana Party have lost their big chance to present a more urban and working class image to the Maori electorate. Labour is now almost certain to win all but one of the Maori seats, with the Maori Party looking like they will... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2017 at liberation
Here's a range of cartoons relating to issues of inequality and poverty from the last year. The most recent cartoons are first. Hubbard - 12 January 2016 Hubbard - 19 December 2016 Chicane - Southland Times 4 October 2016 Hubbard - 5 October 2016 Body - NZ Herald 27 September 2016 Hodgson - Dominion Post 26 September 2016 Bromhead - NZ Herald 18 September 2016 Moreu - Timaru Herald 15 September 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 13 September 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 9 September 2016 Moreu - Timaru Herald 26 August 2016 Hubbard - 1 July 2016 Hodgson -... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2017 at liberation
Most Maori in Aotearoa New Zealand are disproportionately poorer compared with Europeans/Pakeha, face higher rates of unemployment, have lower incomes, achieve lower education outcomes and face poorer heath and lower life expectancy. Maori also make up half of this country’s prison population, despite being 15% of the general population. How to account for such socio-economic disparities? Can economic inequality faced by Maori be understood by focusing on racism, ethnicity and New Zealand’s colonial history? In this guest blog post John Moore discusses the flaws of anti-racist and anti-colonial politics in Aotearoa New Zealand, and argues that a radical egalitarian and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2017 at liberation
Scott - Dominion Post 6 December 2016 John Key Moreu - Timaru Herald 6 December 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 6 December 2016 Chicane - Southland Times 6 December 2016 Hubbard - 6 November 2016 Newspaper front pages: Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2016 at liberation
The Maori Party and the Mana Party’s decision to put aside their differences and enter into a pact will lead once again to a new order in Maori politics. Labour’s fragile hold on six of the seven Maori seats is now seriously in doubt. In this guest blog post, John Moore argues that all the Maori seats are up for grabs, due to the fluid and dynamic nature of the Maori electorate. Yet this dynamism within the Maori electorates is more-often-than-not under-analysed by political commentators who over emphasise the “traditional” aspects that are seen as shaping the indigenous political world in New Zealand. [Read more below] Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2016 at liberation
Modern social-liberalism – in the form of identity politics – has been exposed as an elitist scam. Gender politics, LGBTQI+ movements, and tino rangatiratanga struggles were all presented as a way to alleviate the poverty, oppression and discrimination of those at the bottom of society. Instead these ideologies have only acted to elevate a few coming from various subjugated groups. For example, gender politics has been mainly about putting middle class women into positions of power within the political and business world. The LGBTQI+ movement has been easily incorporated into the market economy with “pink capitalism” and with a normalisation... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2016 at liberation
Moreu - Timaru Herald 2 November 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 2 November 2016 Slane - Listener 5 November 2016 Scott - Dominion Post 20 September 2016 Scott - Dominion Post 16 September 2016 Scott - Dominion Post 14 September 2016 Yeo - The Press 10 September 2016 Hodgson - Dominion Post 15 August 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 13 August 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 13 August 2016 Murdoch - The Press 10 August 2016 Chicane - Southland Times 10 August 2016 Hubbard - 8 July 2016 Nisbet - The Press 7 July 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 7... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2016 at liberation
Here’s some of the more interesting tweets (so far) about Gareth Morgan’s just-announced TOP political party. The most recent tweets are first. Geoffrey Miller ‏‪@GeoffMillerNZ Fair point to say that populist parties often have contradictory ideology. But new Morgan party seems more centrist than anything Geoffrey Miller ‏‪@GeoffMillerNZ New Gareth Morgan party seems to be blue-green with a twist of Roger Douglas- era Act and some Internet Mana rolled in. Nic ‏‪@hazmatnz Gareth Morgan is NZ's equivalent of Trump. Plenty of dollars, 0 sense. Ego driven publicity stunt. Pepper Raccoon ‏‪@pepperraccoon My new political party: The TipTop Party. We have... Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2016 at liberation
Some of the more interesting and insightful first reactions to the Auditor-General's report on the Saudi Sheep scandal. The most recent tweets are first. To be updated: Michael Field ‏@MichaelFieldNZ In case of questions: its a crime in NZ to receive a bribe. And to offer a bribe. Has been for 106 years. Saudi sheep? David Slack ‏@DavidSlack Just hired my new accountants! They're certified by the New Zealand Auditor General as "having significant shortcomings, but not corrupt." Jordan McCluskey ‏@Onz_Pod Dude is a dark lord of the Sith, he ain't going to get sacked for a few sheep. Sarah... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2016 at liberation
David Cunliffe ‏@DavidCunliffeMP Dear @JudithCollinsMP, Thank you for your kind words, Regards, David #dignityandgravitas #nzpol Helen Jacobi ‏@RevHelenJacobi Looking forward to seeing more of parishioner @DavidCunliffeMP next year after he moves on from politics. Jordan McCluskey ‏@Onz_Pod We have David Cunliffe to thank for not having to pay probably $300 a month for dial up internet to a monopoly. Give him that. Nick ‏@_nber David Cunliffe is retiring from politics to spend more time with his mansion #nzpol Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress On David Cunliffe: for all the times he embarrassed himself, his achievement on telecommunications reform changed New Zealand. Deborah... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2016 at liberation
Some facts about the state of unions and industrial issues in New Zealand in 2016: As at 1 March 2015, there were 137 registered unions in New Zealand with a total of 359,782 members. Just over 18% of all employees are union members – down from 21% in 2010. The 10 largest unions had a total membership of 283,900, but 49 unions had fewer than 100 members. Workers in education, health and community services make up over half of all union members and nearly 58% of members are women. The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) has 35 affiliated unions, including... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2016 at liberation
Murdoch - The Press 26 October 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 25 October 2016 Hubbard - 20 September 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 13 September 2016 Hodgson - Dominion Post 20 June 2016 Murdoch - Dominion Post 21 June 2016 Hubbard - 31 May 2016 Moreu - Timaru Herald 4 November 2015 Hubbard - 29 September 2015 Moreu - Fairfax 25 August 2015 Hubbard - 21 August 2015 Hubbard - 11 June 2015 Moreu - Timaru Herald 25 March 2015 Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2016 at liberation
Hubbard - 15 October 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 15 October 2016 Moreu - Timaru Herald 15 October 2016 Murdoch - Sunday Star Times 16 October 2016 Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2016 at liberation
Australia in NZ ‏‪@AusHCNZ A sad day with the passing of Helen Kelly, a brave and dignified advocate for New Zealanders. Arohanui to her family and friends. Gareth Morgan ‏‪@garethmorgannz Bye ‪@helenkellyUnion, privilege to have known you, always respected your perspective and care, you've left us too soon. Gareth Raybon Kan ‏‪@RaybonKan I only met Helen Kelly once. It was inhumane that medicinal cannabis wasn't legal in her time of suffering. RIP. Michael Wood ‏‪@michaelwoodnz Helen Kelly made the issues of working people, long buried, a national discussion. A beautiful person who believed in justice & change. Helen Clark ‏‪@HelenClarkNZ1... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2016 at liberation
Moreu - Timaru Herald 12 October 2016 Hubbard - 20 September 2016 Emmerson - NZ Herald 13 September 2016 Hubbard - 20 August 2016 Scott - Dominion Post 22 June 2016 Hubbard - 21 June 2016 Body - NZ Herald 19 March 2016 Scott - Dominion Post 18 March 2016 Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2016 at liberation
Here’s some of the more interesting and insightful tweets about the 2016 local government election results. The most recent tweets are first. Will be updated. Jarrod Gilbert ‏‪@JarrodGilbertNZ Some elected to governance in Chch got similar vote numbers I did as a uni student pres. And student politics was less popular than death. Chelsea Torrance ‏‪@PCGoneRad 2/12 Hamilton City Councillors are women. Anna Smart ‏‪@annasmartnz Quite gutted the Mayoral polls in Hamilton were so wrong, would have definitely voted differently from what I did. ‪#disastrous Political Scientist ‏‪@Puddleglum11 With some honourable exceptions (e.g., Mackenzie District +23.6%) so far turnout heads... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2016 at liberation
Here's some of the more interesting and insightful recent tweets about the Kermadec sanctuary issue. The most recent tweets are first. [To be updated] MissBetseyTrotwood ‏@Suzyiam I fully believe if Maori retain their rights to Kermadecs they will demonstrate their full care-taking responsibilities & ensure protection Laila Harré ‏@lailaharre It's still colonisation, even if it's green. Think Chagos Islands & now Kermadecs. Green world needs to sort out the justice bit too Felix Geiringer ‏@BarristerNZ There should be a marine sanctuary around the Kermadecs. One should not be imposed without Maori consultation & consent. Jenna Lynch ‏@JennaLynchNZ Greens can't have... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2016 at liberation
Here's some of the more interesting tweets about Kevin Hague announcing that he is leaving Parliament. The most recent tweets are first. Jane Clifton ‏@rumpole3 Kevin Hague's a great loss to Parliament - one of those rare MPs liked and respected even by opponents. Laila Harré ‏@lailaharre Congratulations @KevinHague . I'll never forget your support during Alliance meltdown. And congrats to @BarryCoates too. Fighter of #TPPA Brenda Pilott ‏@SSPA_Brenda Great loss to parliament of @KevinHague but a great gain for the community. Grant Robertson ‏@grantrobertson1 Really gutted that @KevinHague is not going to be part of next govt. His health... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2016 at liberation
Abstract: Rising interest and concern about issues of inequality throughout the world has been accompanied by a recent resurgence of both class politics and identity politics. In New Zealand there have been signs of the political left and wider society being influenced by these movements – both of which are centrally concerned with combating different types of inequality. This paper seeks to explain the relationship between both movements and their philosophies. It argues that materialist and post-materialist trends – influenced by economic crisis and other societal developments – have led to a rivalry between class and identity politics. The two... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2016 at liberation