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Hi Jeff, Love your blog posts: always rich with ideas, references and overall a great read. I like this article, as I'm with you on the danger of these bills, and that we need to address the underlying causes. Will read Lessig's book... however I'm a bit surprised that you mention Slacktivsim here. Yeah, you mentioned this was a good case, though isn't every effort a good one? How can we say 'just' posting a link, or changing our status message is futile, irrelevant, or not good enough? I say this simply as I found out about these issues from a friend who's been repeatedly mentioning the words SOPA and PIPA online, and finally thought, jesus what's this all about. Reading that link was what seeded my interest, and eventually I participated in a rally in NYC. Sure these are not sustained, all-in acts of devotion, and public consciousness in general is fickle - but they have worth, particularly if the numbers are amplified - and that's where social networks have power. Further, it's hard to trace cause and effects, and how can we know or measure the effects of seemingly tiny actions like a well-crafted status message?
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Feb 6, 2012