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Said cranks work properly. Rouge says Campy is to blame so he can sell cranks sets. Rouge claims Campy made a bad products so he can sell shims. I don't use UT at the movement. When I did, zero issues on a Blue RC6 frame.
$35 for shims! You are kidding me, right? Those are a few pennies each! Now I KNOW your a fraud and Exploiting Campy for you benefit and profits!!! LMAO
Looks like you have a second ban today, LMAO!
Dude, your a fraud and you are exploiting the Campy UT cranks for your benefit.
What reputation? You can't install UT cranks so you try to sell shims to people? You blame UT and then a ham fisted mech like you tries to sell shims and gain pub off Campagnolo.
Oh, thanks for the free pub!
You called out a member in good standing on and got banned. You have a beef with him and your post were nothing but SPAM and Trolling on Your posts and blogs on UT are NOT the Gospel on this issue. You called him and and got banned. You NEVER made one contributing post there. So good bye!
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May 17, 2010