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"R.J. Anderson of FanGraphs doesn't think $10-15MM is an unfair asking price for the Scott Boras client" Oh man, what I wouldn't pay to have a third baseman with an OBP that's worse than Varitek's! FanGraph salaries are such a joke.
"a few free agent relief names for the Red Sox to consider" I see Bowden coming out of the bullpen this year, as Hughes and Joba have done for the Yankees the past two seasons. Hopefully he can fill the Justin Masterson role as long relief and emergency starter.
If the Red Sox do pick up a new corner infielder, Casey Kotchman might be a good fit for the Mariners. He could probably be had for a solid reliever.
Looks like Bora$ overplayed his hand on this one. Kinda like the Varitek deal last winter.
"Lugo, Wagner, Gonzalez, Lowell, Ortiz, Martinez, Beckett, Varitek are all off the books next year in 2011." Are you talking about Billy Wagner and Alex Gonzalez? Why are they on the list? They were both free agents this year and signed with other teams.
"They outspent Boston by $80,000,000.00 to BUY the 2009 World Series title AGAIN last season." Even as a Red Sox fan I feel obligated to dispute this claim. This was the first time the Yankees bought the 2009 World Series.
"Steinbrenner's fortune was because of the Yankees" That's one of the most truly stupid statements ever written here. What? He was a poor working schmo and bought the Yankees for a thousand bucks? His daddy gave him a shipping company, he built it up, made a huge fortune, dabbled in basketball and theater, bought the Yankees, was convicted for illegal campaign contributions to Tricky Dick Nixon and obstruction of justice, and was pardoned by Saint Ronald.
"yikes, that is a HUGE jump!" That's because Speier is talking out his arse. He added in everyone new and all the raises, but didn't subtract anyone who's gone or had salary reduced. It's nowhere near $170M.
How is it that the Bill Buckner of the 2009 playoffs thinks he's worth so much money? Oh right, Bora$.
This is a repeat of the Santana deal. The Jays ask for silly return from the Sox and Yankees. Theo and CASHman don't fall for it, so they practically give him away to someone else.
Lols how good would this be, just adding to an earlier post 1.jeter ss 2.granderson cf 3.teixera 1b 4.arod 3b 5.vlad dh 6.holliday rf 7.poasda c 8.bay lf 9.cano 2b this would be the ultimate hitting lineup available, then next year when the yankees get mauer put posada to dh. Posted by: Aussieyankee17 | December 15, 2009 at 03:18 AM Excellent! The Yankees can be the first $250M team before anyone else even hits $150M. Vote the straight ticket Yankee lineup on the All Star ballot.
"while it appears unlikely that there is a place for Bay in Boston" True, it appears that way. Or the Sox may be preparing to package up Ellsbury, Buchholz, and Kotchman for a slugging first baseman. Then still go after Holliday/Bay.
Buchholz, Ellsbury and Kotchman for AGon? Then sign Bay or Holliday and they'd have a team that could at least challenge the Yankee$.
redsox I slept a lot better when the Yankees were playing the Angels in the ALCS lol Posted by: yanks09 | December 14, 2009 at 03:27 PM Ha! We did, too. Didn't have to stay up and watch those late left coast games.
Looks like we'll be seeing the same two teams in the World Series for many years to come.
The Red Sox paid Wang's full $5M (more or less) to a couple of gimps last year. No way they won't be in on this.
"Even if the Red Sox add another big-money starter, the team would like to keep Josh Beckett because of the leadership he provides to the younger pitchers." There are good reasons to want to keep Beckett around. His influence on younger pitchers is not one of them.
Halladay is not going anywhere. He's in his mid-thirties, with only one year left on his contract, and the Jays are asking for return like he was 27 and still under control for 5 years. They blew their chance last summer and didn't learn anything from it.
"The Red Sox are "clearly infatuated with" Adrian Beltre." This makes no sense at all. His OBP numbers are hideous.
The Yankees have already removed Bruney and Coke from the bullpen. Don't try to tell me they're also removing Hughes and leaving Chamberlain in the rotation. Of course they're going to sign Lackey.
After getting rid of Manny, Theo's going to take on Bradley? Not bloody likely.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! How could they possibly want a 3B with a worse OBP than Jason Varitek. Please make it stop.
"Who is Boston gonna trade with? Ryan Kalish?" Hey Braves, how would you like Kotchman back?
Why would the Red Sox want Adrian Beltre? Jason Varitek had a better OBP than this guy. Seriously.
"Anyone see the Sox going after Hank Blalok?" Anyone notice he hasn't played a full season since 2006?