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In this day and age it's been proven that teams should buy players who score not players who have a huge name. At the end of a game it's the goals that matter not who tried the hardest. Goals are the barometer to justify the contract. Who would you rather have up front, a goal scorer or a guy who used to score? No doubt Drogba was once an amazing goal scorer...but not since the 09-10 season. He fell off in in the 10-11 season. Point is Dempseys been making Drogba look shite since before last weekend. It's pathetic that going from the 13th to the 6th top goal scorer (last season to current) in the most competitive league in the world still doesn't gain you proper respect among your own countrymen. Clint can start for any team in the world, would Drogba?
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What do you mean "First time this chant actaully holds some merit."? Last season Clint scored more goals than Drogba. Not to mention Rooney, Torres, Lampard, Nasri, Nani and Bale. Your comments don't hold merit. Some FFC fan...
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
From one Fulham supporter to another: You have to include player development when you start looking at bigger clubs. More talent on the field and in the locker room also means more talent on the practice field. Dempsey is continually under rated by everybody. Every manager that arrives at the Cottage shows up with no intention towards playing Clint...then they see him play. He plays everywhere and still has a nose for goal. He's become the player he is today a lot on his own. He gets a new manager every year, he plays for a team who barley gets 3 points and has a revolving cast of supporting players. And remind you unlike most other Yanks in Europe Clint didn't come from the US development system, he learned the game on dirt fields and honed it playing for suburban teams. Yet he gets great chemistry with every LB he lines up with despite not really playing with them before. His talent is and has been enabling Fulham to stay a mid table team. Without him we would no doubt be relegated. It's time for Fulham to cash out and for Clint to bring his game to the CL. He'll show up for a team with a perfectly good spot on the bench waiting for him, recently transferred to a team where the manager is on his way out and is desperate to turn the team around. Before you know it Clint will be in the 11. There is no wonder that when Clint scores Fulham wins.
Dempsey won't crack the starting 11? You've gotta be kidding me...look what he does at FFC without a true supporting cast, look what he does for the Nats without any forwards. He's talented and dangerous. ManU has a lot of talent and only one guy on that team has more goals than Clint, as well as Arsenal and nobody on Liverpool has as many goals as Clint. He'll be in the CL hitting the back of the net soon enough and people will still be on here claiming he's not good enough. It's pathetic that even by his own countrymen's judgement Clint is a second rate player. Honestly he should be considered in the greatest American goal scorer of all time argument.
Start watching games with your eyes and your minds. I could careless what nation these guys were born in, as long as they take pride in being American. Americans with talent...that's it. This whole Orozco bickering is getting old, yes he plays for his club and is adored in Mexico, but on our pitch with our team...he sucks. Anybody arguing that is an idiot. I can see JK not calling in young guys because we already have a system where they can develop and mature. If our youths were so awesome that they deserved to start with the senior team then it's fair to think that they should dominate at the U23,20,19 levels (here's a hint...they don't). We are a growing team who needs talent. American talent. JK has let Brek Shea prove exactly what American talent is on an international stage. Brek is on his way to developing as a true superstar! Who's next? Let's keep searching.
I'm exhausted from years of a failing 4-5-1. STOP insisting on this formation or any variation of it, it's proven as a failure for the Nats and that fact isn't going to change. Just because we have better MF than we do strikers doesn't mean we should put them all out there. When we do play a 4-5-1 our lone striker is useless because the midfield plays around him and not to him which makes the game more of an 10 v 11. It's ridiculous and doesn't deserve any more looks. Why do you think we're a second half team? Is it because at halftime we switch away from the 4-5-1...Hell yeah it is. This is the Klinsmann era so prepare for LD to be up top as a true number 10 (even though USSF has him listed as a Forward), Boca will no longer be asked to play LB when he brings much more to the team in the center and expect Klinsmann to start devoting a lot of time molding a few strikers. Right now I think he's looking at his options with Jozy, Juan, Teal or a long shot with Davies. We will just have to wait and see. The good news is that Klinsmann will tell us in one of his many interviews. Jozy-----Juan Lando Shea--Larentowicz--Rodgers Castillo--Carlos--Goodson--Chandler Hamid (why else is he called up again? Howard will start in Belgium) Expect Teal to be a second half sub most likely at halftime. Castillo and Shea will be overlapping allowing Castillos true talent to show as a wingback (remember Shea was a defender until recently) If Larentowicz is slacking Edu will be in at half.
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Sep 2, 2011