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Which puts me back in the mindset, "Holy this guy is totally humble and pretty amazing." Then again I can understand what you mean. The difference between fame and, as you've said, working hard and seeing something come to fruition. I totally should have re-worded my comment in calgary but, then again, it was pretty intense in the tiny room and I had just yelled at you to pick a girl. Thank you for listening :) Congrats again! I will be purchasing this :) Oh! And I sent your wife a book, she knows about it. Can you remind her to go pick it up if she hasn't already :)
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In Calgary I asked you if there was ever a moment where you realized, "Oh my god..I'm famous." - You said you didn't care about that stuff and I was in awe of how humble you are. Does this count as one of those mooments?
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May 23, 2012