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Lina Bickel
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If I don't have the choice to sign in with name/url (I too like that best) then I choose Facebook...and that's what I did here. Seems to be working OK.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2012 on Commenting on my blog at Rock the Silver
We aren't the clients they make money off of, Donna..I think that's it. Take it from me, your hair is GORGEOUS.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2012 on Finding a gray-friendly salon at Rock the Silver
...long career in social SERVICES, a government agency... sheesh, sorry for incomplete thought in earlier post!
I have a long career in social this probably limits what I know about or understand about the corporate workplace culture. Silver hair can be stylish, sexy and sophisticated, or it can be frumpy and old...depends on hair style, overall fashion sense, personality, etc. Donna, you are abstolutely stunning now when compared with your "before" picture. NEVER go back, sister!
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Apr 29, 2012