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It is obvious that this Heat organisation led by Riley has made some terrible decisions over the past few years. But hiring this guy Spo as head coach is the worst decision Riley has made. HE IS NOT A HEAD COACH! If you are really a head coach, you do not sacrifice wins by ensuring that a back up player get his quota of minutes at the expense of your second best player! How many f..cking times are you going to lose the same way before the light goes on in your head. No one could be that stupid! Is he really? He definitely has a personal agenda. I despise his punk ass! The Heat need a real head coach.
BTW King Riley, Beasley does and will have trade value. R U friggin kidding me? The only issue of concern is off the court. But then again, TALENT WILL TRUMP any off the court issue every time. As long as Beas stays clean and out of trouble he will be fine.
There seems to be a hesitancy in Beasley's game. And that is the result of him being phased out and/or freezed out of the offense. It is striking that no offensive plays are being run for him. Only iso's. Somethimg just doesn't sit right here. I am now convinced that he will be gone by next February trade deadline. And as for as the 2010 starting line-up is concern. It will be "...AND STARTING AT PF IS... A PLAYER WITH GRIT, HUSTLE & A WORN-OUT MOUTHPIECE. HE OF THE 9.9PPG&8R...THE TAKE CHARGE MAN HIMSELF... UUUUUUUUUUUUDONIS HASLEMMMMMMMM! God help us all.
WOW WOW WOW... i must say that i thought i was the only one that felt that way last night. But this morning after reading a couple of post I see that w truly have some real fans in Miami. I didn't even enjoy the win. I had no idea how many points Wade scored I did enjoy watching O'neal and his 2nd straight great game. But what messed this game up for me is the 4th quarter. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON WHY YOUR "STARTER" IS SITTING ON THE BENCH FOR THE LAST 8 MINUTES OF THE GAME. IT MADE ME SICK WATCHING BEASLEY RIDE THE BENCH WHILE UD DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT BEAS COULDN'T DO BETTER. i dont know if any else notices that Haslem HATES passing Beas the ball. he will overlook him over and over. And the stupid part is when they play them both together, they run plays for UD and make Beas play the James jones or diawara Role. UD had 6 years to solidify himself and he let a 20 year old 1 year player take that from him. I DON'T SEE WHAT DFENSE UD GIVES US THAT BEASLEY DOESN'T. BEASLEY WAS GUARDING PLAYERS SMALLER THAN HIM AN GETTING BLOCKS, STEALS, AND CAUSING OFFENSIVE FOULS. WHAT IS THE EXCUSE MIAMI!!! I DON'T CARE TO SEE HASLEM ON THE COURT AT ALL. GIVE HIM 23 MINUTES MAX A GAME LIKE YOU DID BEASLEY LAST YEAR AND THAT SHOULD BE IT. HASLEM DOESN'T MAKE ANYTHING BETTER. I'M SICK OF IT. IT'S OVER WITH THIS HASLEM CRAP. AND TO YOU STUPID IDOITS SAYING WE WON THE GAME NOTHING ELSE SHOULD MATTER... SEE ME WHEN WE PLAY A REAL TEAM AND UD IS OUT THERE TAKING UP SPACE DOING NOTHING. Posted by: clarkpetion305 | October 31, 2009 at 08:32 AM Agree 110%!!!
I am at the point where I have lost faith in all SFla pro teams. The Heat, Marlins, Panthers and yes, the Dolphins. All of them are hell bent on getting bargain basement players. Who can hustle and "out-perform" their contract. With of course, the Marlins being the worst of the bunch. They do it because they can get away with it here. Fans need to start take a stand and boycott their games. Only then will they start signing talented players or sell their friggin team to someone else who are willing to spend money on good players. With the Heat, its a crime to surround Wade with such a garbage line-up. Chalmers, Haslem are not starting calibre players and J. Oneal is on his last legs. If real changes are not made, they are going to struggle big time just to get to be a .500 team. Get ready for a long suffering season people.
Wow! Heat summer league team. I am so overwhelmed with all this talent. Look for Beasley to come off the bench. They are sure going to need some scoring off the bench.
Pat Riley should keep it simple while making two huge upgrades. 1)Sign Andre Miller with the mid-level exception to a three year deal. 2) Trade for Boozer using Haslem expiring contract as the centerpiece with any combo of Quinn/Diarwarra/Jones. Starting line-up; Miller/Chalmers/Beverly Wade/Cook JO/McGloire/Anthony Beasley/Moon/Wright Boozer/Beasley This is defitinely a contending team in the East and should appease Mr Wade. I would relunctantly go to AI as a fallback position if Miller can't be had. Keeping it Simple! Let's go Riles!
Here is my take on what the Heat should do when it comes to free agent signings. Wade, Beasley and J.O'Neal should be untouchables. Wade & Beasley, we are building around. (Sorry Beasley doubters/haters but in a year or two you will all be eating crow.) O'Neal because we need the cap space for 2010. ALL OTHER PLAYERS ARE TRADING CHIPS. It would have been nice if Pat Riley had signed Artest instead of LA. Then the Heat would have been set at SF for the next 3 years for only the mid-level slot, a bargain. Ouch! Plus it would show Wade that Riles is serious about building a contending team. Bad whiff Riles.
The only way AI should be signed is if Pat Riley is going to coach the Heat. I have zero confidence that Spo will be able to handle AI. We have already seen how he totally mismanaged the 19y.o. rookie Beasley much less Mr Practice himself, AI. With clueless Spo at the helm and AI in the fold, it would be only a matter of time before the team implode. Bad idea.
Magic over the Lakers in 6.
Moment of truth indeed!
After enduring the shame of a 15-67 season that resulted in the no.2 pick of Beasley, I just want one thing from the Heat organization. That is, "SHOW ME". Show me that Beasley is not a productive, starting PF in this league by starting him at PF from game 1 next season. Thats the least the organization can do for its highest ever draft pick. Give him the opportunity to perform as a starter or fail as one. Thats all I am asking for. Enough of this Sh#t about playing him at SF. He is no friggin SF! He is a PF. I don't care if he sings, if he laughs or light a firecracker under Spo's chair! Let me see what he can do on the court without looking over his shoulder. Its ridiculous already that a potential 25/10 player is sitting behind a journeyman, hustling player because of some asinine "culture". Just "show me"! And Beas, you need to get ready to prove the doubters/haters wrong!
Three reasons why the Heat got knocked out by the Hawks. In order of importance; 1)The confused and total mismanagement of Beasley during the season. He was not treated like the prized rookie that the Heat wanted. The final insult was the starting of Diawarra over him in place of Haslem. Except for a couple of games, he was not his usual smooth, sure self in the play-offs. 2)Back spasms endured by Wade in game 4. Could have won that game if Wade was healthy. 3) Losing JO for game 7 really hurt. The Heat 2nd leading scorer with the most play-off experience. Of course courtesy of that "thug" ZaZA in game 5. This coming off season the Heat should trade Haslem for a small forward like a Travis Outlaw from Portland. Plus sign an experience, proven pg with the midlevel exception. If Odom could be convinced to take a one year deal with his payoff coming in 2010 that would be great. NO WAY should Riley trade Beasley. He should be the starting PF for many years to come. Forget this crap about Beasley at the SF he is a PF! The only way that will happen is if the pedestrian Haslem is traded. These small moves could pay big dividends next season.