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I'm an editor with a cat named Tater. You can find me at
Interests: bob dylan, tennis, coldplay, carole king, dashboard confessional, counting crows, bright eyes, when harry met sally, annie hall, and of course, the fam (now that i have more than 4 vacation days, and 1 pld), watching movies that are on tv on the weekends (and the artsy netflix ones no one else likes), surfin the net (apparently i own the internet), starbucks hot chocolate w/soy (going to be cutting back...i can't afford it anymore!), tater (because she's the best). and lets not forget our new and improved girls nights, brand new, jimmy eat world, matchbox 20, eve 6, finding neverland, an acceptable time, the love letters, blink182, eating for fun, hanging out with pete (finally more than twice a week) my friends (when i'm not working), 1 sick day, alanis morissette, taking back sunday, saves the day, anything else, mists of avalon
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You will see my review of Porkie's Barbeque as the Orlando Review of the Day! Pretty cool! (click the image above for a clearer picture) Continue reading
We are two days out from "The Great Fire of 2010," which of course was not nearly as bad as Lyanna's Fire of 2008. It also isn't as funny as The Great Flood of 2005 was after the fact. It's just a huge inconvenience that has Pete and I living only in our bedroom with the two cats, who can't go downstairs until the insurance people are done doing their thing. Peter's quick thinking to go buy 8 box fans probably saved our place from more smoke damage. While the fire wasn't bad, the kettle was plastic, and plastic is... Continue reading
Thanks! It doesn't smell bad, but apparently there is some sort of residue all over everything. Awesome!
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Mar 15, 2010
What started out as a productive day ended with a small kitchen fire caused by yours truly. We have one of those stoves that has a ceramic top, and our kitchen has next to no counter space. Peter temporarily moved my electric kettle on top of the stove for some reason. We were reupholstering the bottom of our couch (thanks, kittens), when he asked me to put some boiling water on the stove to start some Stovetop for part of our dinner. I did, and then went back to help him. Five minutes later we heard a crackling noise, and... Continue reading
Peter is obviously a major part of my life. With Pete come his kidneys. They have a life of their own, and enjoy making me crazy with every flare up of gout, every blood test, and every urine sample. When Peter and I started dating, he would make trips to a hospital in St. Petersburg for checkups with his nephrologist. I didn't really know what it was about, because he never explained it past "my kidneys make too much protein." That was enough for me at the time. He didn't look sick, and never felt sick, and never really talked... Continue reading
Over the years, I have become less and less of a birthday person. I love my friends and family, but prefer that the center of attention stays away from me. Maybe avoiding birthdays is a sign of reaching adulthood. Turning 26 freaked me out, because my self imposed having kids deadline was 28. Now that we're a year away from that, I feel really pressured to finish things that Pete and I want to do, like visit my sister in Thailand and go to Ireland. All related to travel and money, of course. And get to grad school, and finish... Continue reading
What is RSV, you ask? It's respiratory syncytial virus, an infection that most people get as kids, but you can get reinfected with as an adult (especially if you hold a baby that has it, like I did). So I've been sitting here at home for the last five days, fevering (and under-fevering at a 97.1 low!) and watching plenty of Netflix. Even though I'm sort of mad that it ruined my three-day weekend of fun, I'm glad that I'm not missing an entire week of work. It's newsletter week, and I have too much to do to be stuck... Continue reading
I would love the teeny tiny inital inital necklace!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on Giveaway with Lisa Leaonard Designs at VOL.25
Penelope Trunk is a blogger and author who facinates me. She's a mom who has Asberger's and openly admits it on her blog, and she has started several businesses, including Brazen Careerist, which is a social network for young professionals like myself. In her most recent blog post, Penelope talks about blogging boundaries, which is something that I struggle with. She is so honest, which is why people read what she writes. The same goes with Jenn Mattern, a recently divorced mommy blogger who is bipolar and trying to raise both of her kids. I love reading about real people.... Continue reading
Usually at the end of the year, I post my thoughts about the last year. Then in the new year, I post resolutions. Since I've been a blogging slacker, I'm a little late. Reflections Last year was a good year. Pete and I celebrated our first successful year of marriage, and I celebrated my first year at the "new" (now old! haha) job. The joys of being gainfully employed are definitely not lost on me. I also picked up a freelance gig that will be bringing in a little bit of extra money each month. We spent time with our... Continue reading
Oh the days of the survey. Here I am, awake at 11 pm the day before a media event, and I have nothing better to do than hunt down a survey that I took in 2003 and see what my answers would be today. THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR( things you can't live without) Something important on your desk: my steno pad When you sleep you wear: night gown or boxers/shirt If you could afford it at the moment, you would buy: a brand new kitchen, new windows for the upstairs, and new curtains for the downstairs. and some paint.... Continue reading
Aw thanks, Kel. They were ok with it--I just got myself together and kept talking haha. I can't help my emotionalness sometimes!
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Not sure why it has been on my mind a lot lately. I really should just buy this movie. Continue reading
Crying at work is supposed to be taboo, unless you take the advice of Penelope Trunk and think that it's a myth that should be dispelled. If you are me, crying at work seems to be unavoidable. No matter how hard I try to hold it in, my neck gets blotchy, my face turns red, and the tears spill over. Work has been a little crazy the last few days. More for my old and new boss(es?) than for me, I'm sure. A few organizational changes caught me by surprise during an already busy week. I try to roll with... Continue reading
We would have had Tater for six years too short today. Click here to read the post I wrote on the first day I got her. Continue reading
I would like to introduce you to Finnegan and Thorin, our two new additions. After Tater died, I realized that we needed to start at least interviewing breeders for when it was time to get a new kitten. Once you put a deposit on a kitten that's in a litter, you wait for it to be born and then weaned, which can take 12-16 weeks depending on the breeder. We thought that getting kittens around Christmastime would be perfect, since my job has a holiday shutdown. I contacted Ciandor Cattery about her kittens, and I knew that Meaghan would be... Continue reading
I hate being late. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I think it looks bad, especially to important events. Guess who missed a flight for the first time in her life. FOR A WORK TRIP. Ughhhhh. I am so mad at myself right now. I set two alarms. One didn't go off. I slept through the phone one, as well as multiple phone calls from Yolanda. My phone vibrated off the bed. My 22 year old self travelled all over the place with Harcourt, but 26 year old Lindsay can't get out of bed?! WTF is wrong with me! Now... Continue reading
It's been over a week since we lost the Tot. There are a few things that I never knew about losing an animal You have to figure out what to do with the animal after. Tater's body is still at the vet's office. We bought an urn for her that will go in our someday garden. We had to figure out what to have engraved on it. She's getting privately cremated (if we didn't do that, we would get back the ashes of 50 other animals with hers, and if we're going to do this, that's not what either Pete... Continue reading
Horror. Devastation. Heartbreak. Someone ripped my heart out, put a hole in it, and put it back. That's what this feels like. Tater is dead. I don’t know what happened. Half of my heart has left me and I can never get it back. I could go into details about how it happened, but it was so fast. Her little body couldn’t fight the pneumonia she unexpectedly came down with. 36 hours and she was gone. It was that fast. And I’m so angry at the vets, at the events that lead up to it, but I need to let... Continue reading
If you arrive at the Philadelphia airport, and think you're going to take SEPTA into the center city, bring cash. Pete just jogged three terminals down to find an ATM because there are no token stations at the airport or ATMs near where the train is. Slightly poor planning on our part, but seriously poor planning by Philly's transit people. Want visitors to come to your city? Give them a way to easily get into it! Continue reading
You should get one! I have two, one for my computer/printer, and then one for the TV. You can only get it through Amazon or Smart Homes (I think that's the name of the company), who makes it.
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The funny thing is that Pete never reads this, so he'll never even know I wrote it :). Yeah I had a Pete moment like that, he tucked me into bed and went home, instead of trying to sleep over. Yay, respectful guys! :)
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no, i didn't. i missed the deadline, and i just wrote that on a whim. i wanted to submit something, but july 16th (when i think the deadline was) came too quickly!
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