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Lion Singh
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What is disgusting is the way the media use the term "Asian" for these MUSLIM pakistani origin scum...It is an insult to the many Indian,Chinese etc heritage Brits who have integrated and are a great asset to the UK.. It tars all other Asian faiths like Sikhism,Hinduism etc whose daughters have also been targets of this evil cult.I thank the Judge for speaking the truth and NOT bowing to PC speak when he clearly stated that the scums religion had a major part to play. You have always told the truth and the sooner they are referred to as Muslim then we can tackle this issue head on.... The Islamic scum and their apologists now try to use the race card when the only people who were racist were these evil who preyed on innocent white girls !!! Lets hope when the backlash comes, decent people realise it is NOT ASIANS that are the problem...but ISLAM .... A Proud Indo-Brit
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May 13, 2012