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Grief does make people do and say crazy I can only assume that FroLuza & Co. are some messed up, grief-stricken mo-fo's on the edge of the abyss. If only they’d finally jump into it. They’re either anguished beyond comprehension (because nothing they come up with makes sense) or they’re just plain sadistic—finding great joy in sticking it to people who have the audacity to expect half-way decent storytelling. And now these scribes have multiple characters spouting off crap about how Jake might have been safer with Jason? (Puts on Chandler hat) Could the agenda BE any more transparent? Maybe something is wrong with me for continuing to seek out the 411 on a show that does nothing but make me seethe with rage…or maybe it’s just soothing to know that I’m not alone in my IWannaCutAFool over this mucked up mess that once was a show. THIS crap is nothing but a reel of random scenes. I’ve realized that I’m no longer hanging on for GH itself. Oh Becky, why can’t I quit you?!
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on Angelic Hitman Says WHAT? at Serial Drama
Great one, Mallory! "It's like the writers were laughing in our faces whilst giving us the finger." After having pulled said finger from their hairy asses...which itself is a flowing fountain of WTF-ery. They went all 'prostate exam' with the penning of this one before yanking it out for the masses. The actors, God bless them, have made top-notch compost out of the worst kind of crap. If I'm teary-eyed, it because of THEM. That this non-story was planned or outlined is but a testament that some people over at ABC need to be shown the door...and none of those people includes the likes of Becky Herbst or Tyler Christopher. Pacing is horrible and erratic, the focus is absolutely...well, on par for GH (but still utterly ridiculous), and the motivation for even going this route is so obviously short-sighted that I have to wonder if they really are trying to raise the bar of suckage with each attempted arc. It's as if the person who comes up with this crap is sitting in a room all Mr. Burns like and saying, "They thought that last bit was crap. Just wait til they see what we're cooking up now." Well, guess what, GH...diners are leaving because this food is just too bitter. But I will say Becky is one bitchin' server. Elizabeth was serving it up to Jason today. They've all been great: Becky, JJ, Steve...Laura has done the best with what she's been given. Her script is just such crap that it's difficult for me to see past my rage--especially when I'm left to wonder why the writers thought to have Elizabeth disappear. Why she can't even be given equal time in this crapfest when it's HER kid that has died is beyond me. Fine.....after all this......I'm SOOOO beyond GH. Though I reserve the right to rant and ridicule.
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Mar 22, 2011