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Lisa Valinsky
New England
Wife + mom. Growing + cooking + eating local food.
Interests: local food, farmers' markets, gardening, vegetarian food, cooking, reading, hiking, travel
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Oh cool! I was skeptical too, especially with the vinegar. Id tried apple cider vinegar concoctions to try to treat colds and sore throats and found them not very appealing. But I think the addition of fruit and sugar (ha, of course with sugar, yum), it made it pretty tasty! Its so fun to experiment in the kitchen. Id love to try a shrub with some basil from our garden to see what that flavor is like too.
I totally understand. Its easier for me since Im home full time, and can just wear whatever. When I used to teach I bought lots of clothes at Gap because they lasted a long time and I found dressier outfits that suited the job. One approach is to focus on just one item, or one type of item, like shoes or accessories. I rarely regret spending a lot, like $100, on a pair of quality shoes. Theyll last a long time, and they dont hurt my feet the way I find cheap shoes do. And accessories like purses or scarves are a little easier since the sizing doesnt matter.
Im so glad! Let me know what you think! :)
Thanks Leah! Ill have to check out that TED talk. It is so hard to know what the right thing to do is with shopping. I love Patagonia but a lot of my favorite pieces from them are fleece (granted, most of it is recycled fleece). I find it so warm and I like having clothes that I can wear every day but also use for camping and hiking. When I wanted a new purse last year, I ended up borrowing one of my moms old leather purses that I loved. She didnt use it anymore, and it was still in great shape. As a vegetarian I think a lot about whether to buy and/or wear leather, synthetic leather (which Im not a big fan of), or natural materials like cotton, linen, or hemp. It is so hard to feel like were doing the right thing, but I think being a conscious consumer is the first step.
Me too! Definitely not buying too many clothes while doing the stay at home mom thing. Every time someone asks me what I want for a gift, I say that I want clothes! Ive heard great things about Everlane. And I like Gap and Old Navy a lot too, but after watching that film, its hard for me to buy their stuff. I have lots of it that Im just wearing over and over again for now.
Thanks! Its really delicious! Have a great weekend too. :)
Nice! We also try to line everything up as much as possible so we can see everything in there. It helps that we dont buy a ton of perishable food at once, so its easy to keep stock of everything we have.
Yes! That would be a lot of fun! And podcasting seems so cool....just have to nail down a topic. I may start with a short season and see how it goes! :)
Thank you! :)
Thank you. :) Yes, its definitely different! Looking forward to trying backpacking when shes older too!
Thanks! Ill definitely check out the brownie recipe! Glad to hear you liked The Lively Show. She brings on such good guests. Glad to have found your blog too! Always great to talk to other people about paring down and living more simply and intentionally.
Thanks! And I find reading books does the trick. One night last week I read for two hours before bed. It was the soundest sleep Ive had in ages!
Yay! Glad it worked out well. Thanks for letting me know!
Oh wow! Yes, please let me know how it goes!
So glad youre enjoying it! Its definitely good on its own too!
Thanks Lauren! You too! :)
Yes, so important! So is nurturing your relationship with your partner...Ill probably write about that at some point too. Its not easy to make the time, but its key. And yes to bread and cheese! We only do that once or twice a month and its wonderful. I love the process of picking out fun new things to try to eating them at home. (Or enjoying them on a picnic!)
That's super frustrating! The groups we go to are definitely mostly on the weekdays, though our Hike It Baby chapters are always looking for and adding weekend events.
Thank you! Im excited to write about two of my favorite things! :)
Im so glad to hear it! Im putting a post together on annual traditions too. Love hearing how people celebrate the seasons. Id love to reread Quiet - I forgot that part. Such good stuff! Happy New Year!
Thanks Kristin! Yeah, I find it so peaceful to have something in place, but I also like that we can all find what works for us, and they can constantly change. Happy New Year!
Thanks so much, Judit! Looking forward to be email, and happy new year!
Aw, thanks Misti! It sure seems that way. Very reassuring. :) Happy New Year!
Sure thing! Yeah, such a good book. I'll be sure to check out Brooklyn - thank you!