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Hi Wil, Hope you have an awesome time in Australia.A few suggestions for when you're in BrisVegas: Mana Bar in Brunswick St Fortitude Valley.Owned by gaming critic Ben Yahtzee Croshaw(Zero Punctuation),it's a gaming bar.You can drink beer AND play games.There's also one in Melbourne.Nerd Nirvana! Shingle Inn.Used to be an historic eatery,now a licensed franchise.They still have awesome chocolate cake though. Mt Coot-tha: snuggle with Mrs Wheaton and look at the city lights.Very pretty. The Hinterland:the pretty bit between Brissie and Surfers.As said,avoid Surfers,it's a tacky tourist trap. New Farm Park-gorgeous historic park with lots of flowers,greenery,old style pagodas and a coffee shop. The Old Windmill Brisbane's oldest building,built in 1820.It's got a pretty creepy past you might find interesting. Fortitude Valley Markets/Brisbane's China Town-great food & you can pick up a bargain. Bulimba-lots of nice eateries on the Brisbane River.Take a Citycat ferry to get around the city. Southbank-collection of eateries/play areas/walkways on an artificial beach on Brisbane River.Was built on the remnants of the Expo 88 site.Nice place just to wander & watch the passing parade. Have a great time! I so wish I could go to Supernova this year! pps:Kraft make a Vegemite/cheese combo called Cheesybite.It's awesome & milder than 100% pure Vegemite. Have you tried Tim Tams yet?
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Thanks so much for being awesome as always,Wil and taking a stand against domestic violence.There's nothing like the internet to make you realise society in general still has a loooong way to go when dealing with topics like these. There's still this idea that an act of violence is a minor abherration that a 'good guy' can have and that,'she must have provoked it'.(I always think of Patrick Stewart,in those awesome PSAs he did for Amnesty International, describing the sickening use of that phrase by the police when his mother called them after being beaten by his father.)If you think the pass given to Chris Brown is depressing,then I advise against reading the Youtube comments re the phone recording of Mel Gibson allegedly admitting to hitting his ex-girlfriend,while she held their baby in her arms.It will really make you check the calendar to see if we haven't gotten stuck in 1955.Mel not only(allegedly-sigh) admits it,but screams that she deserved it and that he's going to put her 'in an effen rose garden'-basically a threat of lethal violence. Anybody can lose their temper & say stuff they immediately regret,but this is a whole other league.'Type A personality' doesn't begin to describe the disproportionate,cardiac-inducing rage and screaming on that recording,which,separated from the physical assault,easily counts as verbal abuse.Worse still,the amount of comments calling his ex 'a liar and a golddigger' who 'had it coming' is flabbergasting.As a Generation Xer(born in '67)it makes me wonder why our feminist mothers & grandmothers fought so courageously against these type of injustices between the genders.When so many people under 40 still believe there are ANY circumstances that mitigate such rage and hate directed toward another human being,well,as the t-shirt says,'I don't want to live on this planet any more.'Double sigh.Thanks for being one of the good 'uns.Anne is VERY lucky!
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Mar 1, 2012