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Ohai, Wil, I THOUGHT that was you I saw at the station! I was there too, waiting for the never-coming train to the Mythical Land of Perfection, but I shared your realization this morning. Get excited about creation. It sounds so easy, doesn't it? But I keep telling myself that perfection is impossible, and if you cling to perfectionism, real creativity becomes near-impossible as well. So I'm sticking with creation, and reminding myself that if it's not perfect, at least it's _there_, and not just an imperfect idea that never made it into a pristine notebook waiting for the perfect idea. Plus, even if perfection ever CAN really be reached, I think it would probably be pretty boring after the initial oohing and aahing. Plus, I'm greedy; I could look at perfection and still wonder "okay, what next?!"
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Nov 15, 2011