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Long time reader, first time commentor. While I am truly sorry that your daughter experienced racism (first grade? really?), it smacks of hypocrisy that you go on to end your post with the mention that someone nominated MetroDad as one of the “Top Ten Asian-American” blogs. I mean, you were born and raised in America, as was your daughter - that makes you both American. Sure, you’re of Asian heritage, but perhaps we can make greater strides to end racism and ethnicism by ending the incessant labeling? Perhaps people enjoy that victim mentality a little too much? I know I’m going to get flamed for the above opinion, what with being an Irish- Scottish-English-American (do you see how ridiculous that sounds?) and having never not once been subjected to any type of racial taunting, because, hey, “reverse” racism is a myth, right? I guess the taunting and bullying I experienced my entire childhood for being skinny, buck-toothed, and four-eyed doesn’t count? Sorry, tirade over. And bravo for the Feng Shui prank!
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Dec 1, 2010