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Liza Sperling
San Francisco
Director of Corporate Relationships, Seesmic
Recent Activity
Hello, I am here to help! Please email liza at seesmic dot com, and I am happy to troubleshoot the issue with you. Best, Liza Liza Sperling | @lizasperling | Seesmic
Thank you for the feedback. We agree, at Seesmic, we use Chatter for everything from organizing weekly meetings to planning what to have for lunch. It is a lot of fun making Chatter mobile! Liza Sperling | @lizasperling | Seesmic
We are flattered that you are paying such great attention to detail on our behalf. Please let us know if you'd like to do a guest post here. It is an open offer! Best, Liza Sperling | @lizasperling | Seesmic
Did you try http (rather than https)? That may help. If not, please let us know at We will get it figured out!
We are happy to troubleshoot. Please send us an email to Thanks for reaching out!
We are working on the issues with FB pages right now. Please stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.
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Mar 28, 2011