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Liz Mcgregor
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I can absolutly guarantee that EVERYONE has at least one member of their family suffering from some kind of mental illness whether or not that individual has been officially diagnosed or not, there should be no stigma attached to mental illness. Mental illness varies m with each individual suffering varying degrees of mental illness but at the same time going about their everyday lives suffering alone because of the stigma attached to it. Recognising the symptoms of mental illness within our family can be difficult and distressing, simply because we do not want to admit their is a 'problem' 'we can handle it' or 'its just a phase' the sooner our family members are helped and professional help sought the better, though I have to say resources for mental health patients are minimal. 'Standing by' a family member with mental illness is challenging and exhausting but they did not ask for this illness and patience and understanding is the best remedy 'through good times and bad' an old cliche but it pays off for some people, all I can say is that ANYONE at ANYTIME can be affected by mental illness.
I know from speaking to people in this situation that there is a MASSIVE void for help for these young people and their families. A lot of these young people and their families are left on their own to cope with mental health issues, resulting in a break down of family relationships and a feeling of betrayal and isolation for these young people.
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Mar 20, 2010