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Larry King
Falls Church, VA
I'm the Larry King of User Experience
Recent Activity
Remy- After a few months of using Lion, I don't even notice the scrollbars anymore.
Jack- I understand that you can switch back via system settings, but I don't want to. I think having the gesture map to the page you are moving makes more sense than having the gesture manipulate the scroll bar. It makes it consistent across the tablet and touchpad input devices. My point is, maybe I could live without the scrollbar all together now? If I'm not using a mouse anymore, do I really need it?
John Gruber's ideas for why Windows 8 is fundamentally flawed. Basic premise: Windows 8 is just Windows with a touchscreen interface. iOS is successful because it isn't OS X.
Colin- Good points. Modular design is key to making responsive web design work. The most effective ways to represent this type of approach early in the design process is an interesting problem I am looking forward solving!
Mark- You last paragraph reminds me a lot of Luke Wroblewski's concept of design for mobile first (, which seems to be an ideal approach, especially when doing responsive web design. It really is just another form of progressive enhancement. Get the content and functionality right for the lowest common denominator platform, and enhance based on browser capability, screen-size/orientation, etc.
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Jul 9, 2010