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Interests: children, music, movies, books, weblogs, low-level-but-gimmicky-tech, magazines, sailing, low-burning-golf-obsession, starter-yoga, politics, children
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Alex - you really do have to try and see this from the other way around. Let's say France are a middling national team, not a great one. Let's say they've played out of their skins to get into the playoffs. Let's say Fifa then move the goalposts by seeding the playoffs at the last minute. Let's say they then play out of what remains of their skins across most of two legs, at which point they are unexpectedly level against a much, much better team who seem strangely off-form. For this small country of France (imagine), pride and grit are hugely important. And then, when they've done all they can do, the captain of the much better side - a man who has carefully nurtured a public image that celebrates fair play, decency and commitment - deliberately handles the ball (twice!) before crossing it across the goal for another player to score. France is defeated. All that hard work, all that commitment, all that energy....counts for nothing. Because the captain - the captain, mind! - of the other team cheated. He used his hands to control the ball. Deliberately. Try and imagine how that would feel. And then try and imagine that the captain of the other team says after the match "it's only cheating if you get caught." If I were French (in this imaginary scenario) I'd be on the first plane to Dublin with murder in my heart. Then again, it's only a game. Allez les bleus!
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Nov 10, 2009
All true, and rightly said. But the trouble is this debate is so flipping binary, which is why I wrote my post. The thing we need to ask ourselves is: why have Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft and the whole damn shooting match embraced DRM? Because it is economically essential for them to do so - without it, you can't have iTunes, which is working just fine for millions of people, thank you very much. I completely agree with Doc Searls, but reading between the lines of what he says I think he'd see an open, universal DRM system as something to be embraced, not rejected. The trouble with a lot of the copyfighters is that they seem to be promoting a world with no DRM at all, which is just unfeasible. And until people start engaging with that fact, I think we're just going to slide into a situation where Microsoft dictates the DRM system and the rest of us fall into line. Where's the Linus Torvalds of DRM?
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