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Lori Culwell
Author, marketer, tech nerd
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Haha, of course you're right. It gets people talking, and that's what is important. I just think it's super confusing that the slogan is "We treat you like you'd treat you," but then the "You" is played by two different people. I'm not even trashing it so much as scratching my head going "Why is that on the air?" If you like it, though, then I stand corrected!
Ha! Thanks for your comment, John! In fact, we were saying that Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough sounded amazingly delicious, and we couldnt believe that flavor ever died out.
That comment made me laugh out loud. Well done!
Yay! Thanks for the nice comment, Dawn. That made my day! I'm glad this info helped. :)
Mark-- I know, SO SAD. It is as if the Lay's potato chip company is somehow existentially commenting on life. We're born alone, we die alone….we eat chips in our apartments on a Saturday night, utterly alone.
You're totally right. I do need to pay more attention. Is there a "knowledge base" where I can go and read up on it before I watch again? I'm serious!
Dennis, that is funny, and so true. I see more examples of it every day. Funny and sad at the same time!
@John, thanks! I am sorry I made you cry, but it's good for us to remember our moms, right?
@Rachel-- thanks! I hope that is true. She was so pretty.
Thanks John! I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my confusion. That "voice control" feature sounds very weird and unintuitive as well.
Testing comments.
Can you let us know who did this design?
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Actually, they do a bunch of research and rehabilitation, so i thought the entrance fee was ok!
I'm sure that's true of Minnesota-- although, I have a stereotype in my mind of Minnesota people being so polite, they don't speed anyway. Do you guys have "Move Over?" I'm actually wondering about east coast vs. west coast, because the freeways are so gigantic in California.
Yes, it was Simon. Oh, only instead of dogsitting for him, I believe I had to go over and feed his cat, even though CATS MAKE ME HORRIBLY ALLERGIC. Such is the life of a grad student.
No idea, I wondered that as well!
I thank you, Paul-- and also, I'm going to need to see "Poop, there it is" like, right now.
Susan, thank you so, SO MUCH! Seriously, I am honored to be your very first blog comment ever. No, I'm serious. It really makes a big difference. Also, that thing about the "Therapy Hotline" made me laugh out loud. What is it with people?
Thanks Ali! Hope you feel better soon!!!
Florida? No, I live in New York.