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Yes, good point. Also, the Library presents a blank wall to much of the street between 5th and Division. Another point about the 4th & William structure is that they propose putting office or other ground-floor use on the first level. How that allows for traffic management is a big question, though I imagine there is an engineering solution. And it will all have to be coordinated with Blake Transit traffic patterns. I've been reviewing the LOC presentations from the DDA, and they did not begin with William Street as a focus. In the beginning, it was about Midtown. That makes more sense, as I'd like to think the Library Lot for example could be more constructively linked to the Liberty Street area.
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Mar 12, 2011
Good point, Ed. I've been in a lot of those too. And you are right, it then turns into a list of deliverables, indicators, etc. and in my experience a lot of those get lost somewhere down the road as they run into unanticipated circumstances. Maybe one approach would be to summarize the vision (and point out contradictory goals from different corners) and put it out for contemplation and comment for a stated period. Not anonymous comment, I would hope.
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May 22, 2010