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Dude, I've only been lurking here for a few months, and only posted one time previously, but as far as I'm concerned, this place is ALWAYS worth my time. I usually either learn something, or have something to laugh about, and frequently both. You, and your blog, fucking rock, sir. \m/
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I wouldn't call you "Old Man Wheaton" just for wishing that those guys would tone it down. I frequently wish the same thing. I have no opposition to profanity whatsoever, but when I hear people who use Carlin's seven words like they're some kind of punctuation, I automatically want to deduct about fifty IQ points because it's quite apparent that they never bothered to cultivate a fucking vocabulary! Ironic considering that I've been working in professional kitchens my entire working life and we frequently DO use those lovely four letter expletives almost like punctuation, but kitchen patois has nothing to do with the real world and most of us get that. Back to the topic at hand. There is absolutely no shame that I can think of in buying a Pokemon title, even at the ripe age of 38, and props to you for taking the plunge and busting your Poke-cherry. I presume by now you've played them, and if you like them, awesome. More power to you. The people out there who want to bust your balls about it should be responded to with a nice, cheery, Henry Rollins-style rebuttal: "I like this, and fuck you."
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Apr 24, 2011