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John Lopez
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I think of PHP like those old beat-up trucks that you see on the road that look like they are going to fall apart at any moment. They have all kinds of tools, random bits of wood and the tailgate has been replaced by plywood. Thing is, as scary looking as that contraption as, it is making money for the owner. *This* is why PHP continues to operate: you can make a website trundle along from job to job with it. Is it unsafe? Sure, but mostly for the people *behind* it, hoping those 2x4s stay put (who represent the people who keep hoping that PHP driven site doesn't leave their personal data scattered all over the information highway).
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
I used to sell high end audio gear. While most of the people who worked there were convinced of the audiophile nonsense (now expressed via Gold Plated USB Cables and CAT 5, because bits can *tell* how they got transmitted), I was skeptical. So I screwed with things. I went to the back panel and changed the connections on the demo boards so the wrong gear was being demonstrated. Of those who claimed to be "audiophiles" (the kind of guys who bragged about spending $3000 on each component of their system) I *never* had anyone figure out that they were glowing with praise for mid-range Sony gear, even though our demo room was soundproofed from the outside and had a precisely located chair at the sweet spot for the speakers (which were, admittedly, really good surround speakers). I don't dispute that you can hear differences in audio quality *to a point*, but the reality is that as long as you avoided absolute junk that caused amp clipping and other obvious artifacts, the difference was negligible, even when listening to classical music with a massive set of spectral and volume ranges over time. Personally, I'm hanging onto my CDs: they make an excellent backup for my computer's music collection and eventually I will rip them uncompressed because my drive will simply be large enough that I won't care. In the meantime, 192 bit variable is my choice for "good enough".
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Jun 28, 2012