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@Jon: It's funny how several years in, this post still draws attention. Great subjects for discussion never really die ! I have to agree with Points #2 and #3 emphatically, but have to go beyond #1, and say that this the area where the most trouble and source of debris on the net is found. The concept of "the long road to rewriting every client application in the world in JavaScript." is absolutely preposterous. Perhaps it's some web wingnut's wet dream ( no offense implied onto that popular typeface, really. ), but put some common sense into it. Sure we've got ChromeOS knocking on our door, but the concept that even IT won't have natively installed applications on the target netbooks is also ludicrious. There always will be native "hard" clients. There will always be the need for "hard" clients. For anyone who thinks that every desktop or desktop oriented application needs to be web-ified, ask yourself a question. Why, if anything and everything MUST ( or to not be so harsh, should ) be web-based, did everyone bash the darling of mobility that is the iPhone when Apple put off having a native applications sdk for over a year ? Why did they almost immediately start to take out the nails for Palm's final coffin, when they said they wouldn't have a native development kit. Even Google is ushering out an NDK with ( Oooooooo...evil C++, Eewwwww ). Whenever someone speaks in absolutes in this way, about ANY subject, it opens up scrutiny of the rest of the logic behind their argument. "Javascript" ( I know, total misnomer, what can you do ? ) isn't the savior of programming. No language is.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2010 on The Power of "View Source" at Coding Horror
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Mar 12, 2010