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I, for one, am glad that games have been around for a long enough time that people of all ages can now enjoy games. The innovations by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony of late have done a lot to bring families and friends together to enjoy spending time with each other AND gaming. Now, if only we had our gorram holodecks >:-D
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Sign me up. This is my twitter account - that should work right? If not, slap a 47 and a gmail dotcom on the end of it, and that'll work.
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My roommate should have dropped by a golfball-sized green d20, though I'm sure that flagon of dice and many others top it. Can't wait to see the dice pics.
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My roommate is heading there with friends, and I believe he will be dressed up as Dr. McNinja. Anyways, he's got a large green d20 for your stash. Wish I could make it! Oh, side note: Wil, have you considered doing the Spaceball salute in addition to the Iron Guard salute?
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Aug 3, 2010