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Ah lucky!! [Jeez be that luck? Too far, too far)
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THOSE SHOES!!!!! [Makes a grab]
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This is a hard one oo Second is Lavin x H&M?
1 reply wait. TUSH?!!?!! Aren't you just lucky lucky LUCKY!!! Simple adore the jacket. Yours?
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Adorable!!! And I love how you guys climb around to take the photos. Your poses just made my day xD
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2010 on How Magic is Made at - Fashion Blog
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Now THAT is making me envy much =/ If only I could be that luck!
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I would go crocs =) ( Yeah uggs are comfy comfy but noooo!! Crocs are betta! >=O )
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2010 on Ugg Boots or Crocs? at - Fashion Blog
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Nov 21, 2010