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I share most of the feelings of other commenters. I do not really understand some of your reasons, and I would love to hear more and understand them better. Most of all, what puzzles me is that we have great, fully open source .NET tools/library/runtime from Mono. It would be a really great contribution to the OSS world going with Mono and supporting them: Ruby already has an active, enthusiastic OSS community, Mono could have used your help! Realizing something big as discourse in .NET/Mono would have boosted confidence in using it for open source projects. So, why not Mono? Have you considered it, discarded it, and why? Also, a little point about users in "other" countries using open source tools. I live in Italy, which is, wrt software development, very, very behind other countries in the world. Still, you get great free-as-in-beer tools from MS. And they are great tools too! And efficient: I can use my 5 years old laptop with Windows 7 and VS 2012 without getting mad. As you correctly pointed out, Ruby performance instead are abysmal on old hardware; this is something to consider too. Finally, I have a feeling that the real reason behind it might be that you wanted to change. After a huge and succefull project like SE, I would need something different! I find really hard, coming from a C#/.NET background to give up not only JIT, but above all type-safety and all the safety and quality that this brings (excellent editors, refactoring support, diagnostic, compile-time checks, ...). I would be really interested to know what convinced you of such a big jump, and to read -maybe in a while- of how you coped with dynamic languages from a quality point of view.
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Mar 22, 2013