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JT needs to just get the hell out of here already! This is BS already. How many playoff games did our defense disappear in during our playoff days? Whatever man we'll move on!
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What do you think about Lindstrom's performance? He looked lights out! Can you give us a list of injured marlins and expected time of return?? Thanks for keeping us informed!
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I agree with a previous post. Cooper is a speed guy. While at the 1 yard line why not use the bigger runner in James to get into the end zone. Despite getting in after 2 penalties and numerous attempts it looked embarrasing. I thought Kyle looked sharp and I disagree with the coaches saying that Kirby gave us a better chance to win than Kyle. I love my team and was loving every minute when we were down by only 8 points. Mo' was swinging! Oh well... ACC play begins soon and this will be our measurement for success. Non-Conference loss is no big deal especially in a re-building phase.
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