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It's a pity. I really kinda liked him. Does Washington make everyone stupid?
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Sound like the "sovereign citizen" movement that has folks like the FBI and the SPLC so concerned. I'd love to see Pearce and his racist friends on trial for treason. Or maybe he'll claim "legislative immunity". Amazing how those who claim to venerate the Constitution, so thoroughly ignore the parts they find inconvenient.
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Amazing. They spend months ignoring the people, but one letter from their corporate masters, and they can't jump fast enough.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2011 on Trouble in Teabagger Land? at Blog For Arizona
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That's what we're facing. Two more years of obstructionism, and untold millions wasted because theses idiots are so hidebound in their ideology that people's lives and livelihoods mean nothing to them. Why should they care? Most of them have the means to live anywhere in the world, once they screw up things here. It's we who have a stake here. They gamble. We take the risk.
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LHP Activist Mom must not get out much. There is more violent rhetoric in just one episode of Glenn Beck's inane rantings than I've heard from the left in the last two years. More proof of the Rights' incredible ability to ignore well-documented, verifiable facts. I find it hard to lend credibility to a movement based on anger. It's generally accepted that anger clouds judgment. It's become painfully obvious as of late that it also promotes stupidity.
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Someone actually called this ambush journalism? In the space of a few moments, I saw Hupp display ignorance, disrespect, and cowardice. Imagine what he could do with a full term.
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Jun 16, 2010