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These gas wells emit methane and ozone as a byproduct of their operation. Ozone can have adverse effects on trees; it might be a problem for any vineyards that were located downwind of one of these gas well sites. In NY state, no localities have any rights regarding the placements of these wells; if someone has a lease and there is a vineyard down the road, there is not a thing that the vineyard owner can do to stop the drilling. Comments on the DEC SGEIS report will only be accepted until Dec. 31st, so please write or email them with your concerns. There is also a petition available that seeks to withdraw the DEC report and make them address these issues more fully. The petition is available at toxicstargeting dot com under Marcellus Shale Letter. Please sign it, if you want to send a message to Albany that you care about this issue.
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Dec 28, 2009