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Relax.....already. This thing is like the common cold. Wins are like cold medicines. The more WINS you have the more your common cold sypthoms dissappear.....RELAX.
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Just for the record....COKER STINKS OUT LOUD!!!! This guy got a free ride, and basically destroyed the U. 1. You do not have your team not ready to play (OHIO STATE 2002) after being off for a month. Shame on you. 2. You do not get outcoached by a country hick. (Tennessee 2003). 3. You don't ever get beat by A basketball schools NEVER!! (UNC 2004). 4. You do not get punked by any team NEVER EVER EVER EVER!!!! (LSU 2005). 5. And finally, and most importantly you never, ever, never, ever, never, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER bring in a bum off the streets, bring him into your home, and give him the keys too the car. (BROCK BERLIN). Not when you have a guy who has studied, prepared, and waited on his chance to lead the U (Crudup). Not to mention when the guy has just as much talent, or maybe even more. That decision will hurt my CANES more than the poor job of coaching, or lack of coaching Coker has done. Mama's, Daddy's, friends, and family who had son's from the Miami area saw it, and now their babies are going to other places. Think I am lying??? When was the last time Miami got turned down by a quarterback to go to South Florida??? (Carlton Hill 2005). As far as coaches go...if you don't get Petrino, or Spurrier you better hand the job to Randy Shannon.