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I really appreciated this post and also @nectarwine round up. The #SauvBlanc twitter tasting was the first one that I had participated in and really enjoyed it. Naturally being such an important varietal to NZ and being focused on loving NZ wine, I was in. I did try and encourage as many NZ wineries as possible to engage for the reasons mentioned above. I believe they can share something special or unique regarding the wine that transcends what is going on in the glass. I agree that more interaction from wineries/winemakers would add something special to the proceedings. Unfortunately many of the winery tweeters are the marketers rather than the winemakers but that is across the globe would imagine? The NZ wineries that did take part were passionate about their wine and engaged as best they could in 140 characters, so that was fab to see. What I really did love was the celebration of wine that is part of a live tasting format. I think anything that puts the fun and experience of sharing and getting engaged with learning about wine is a great thing and passion is infectious and I think that the vibes that came across during the tasting were a positive thing as part of remembering that wine when all else is stripped away is about the experience. Maybe I'm a bit stupid like that, but that to me is and always has been its secret sauce. I agree and I am wary of regional organisations or wineries etc that will hop on this bandwagon more as a marketing campaign and we will have twitter tastings all over the place in numerous quantities across various varietals and will turn people off, that can happen for sure, but hope that whatever happens we all keep sharing the love of wine. It's what it's all about! That's my two cents for what it's worth and thanks for the interesting and thought provoking discussion.
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Mar 8, 2010