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So many trade possibilities, so few probabilities. For the record…. Iggy - love his defense and all around game. He doesn’t have the offensive skills to be the first or second option on a championship team…but that wouldn’t his role with the Lakers. Good fit for Brown's system. TParker – Good player…just not a good fit for the Lakers. Need a good defensive guard and a 3pt shooter. #2 Pick – Not a college guru…so if someone can tell me that Walker, Williams, Knight or Irving will be an all-star type difference maker out the gate then I’m cool with it. Monta – love his offense and his fearlessness, but he’ll have to be de-programmed. Playing no D in GS created some seriously bad habits. Don't know if he's a good fit for Brown's system. @Point Forward – I’m with you. I say put all the eggs in the DHoward basket. Hold off other moves until that situation has been exhausted…unless a complete steal comes up. To win a championship you need a top 5 player...or top 7-8 at worst. It's been proven over and over again. Who will fit that description for the Lakers in 2012? 2013? Certainly not KLove, Iggy, Monta or the #2. @Utz – Rambis did himself a huge disservice when he had his beefs with KLove last year. It’s a players league and that’s a no win situation. @MM – The only thing constant is change. We’ll deal with it and keep it moving.
>>>@LTLF – You did call that Odom for the #2 and a throw in. But then again… >>>you’ve covered just about every trade under the sun…lol. LOL. Hmmm. I haven't suggested trading Derek Fisher for Ekpe Udoh yet. There, now I've covered every possible trade in the nba :-) Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 22, 2011 at 05:53 PM ------------------ Did you cover DeRozan?
Sounds like the Igoudala trade might be a way to get from Odom to that #2 pick... Minnesota is also interested in Iggy. How about Odom + Artest for Flynn, Webster, Milicic and the #2 pick. Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 22, 2011 at 06:01 PM ------------------- The only one of those four I'm interested in is the #2 pick. At least throw Johnson in the deal.
Good for Matt. Hopefully he can stay healthy and give the Lakers the energy they sorely lacked in the playoffs. Good for Spero Dedes…being the Knicks announcer is like playing for the Lakers. Lots of opportunities ala Marv Alpert and Mike Breen @GDUB – definitely enjoyed Mingus. Great selections. @Troll Man – Nice “Ballad of Jim Buss". Flatt and Scruggs in the house. :-) @LT – I hope you’re right about that lighting a fire under Pau, but I do think he was already motivated after the poor playoffs…so he’ll be EXTRA motivated. @LTLF – You did call that Odom for the #2 and a throw in. But then again…you’ve covered just about every trade under the sun…lol.
Cyber, This is what you wrote... Which reminds me of something I always notice about Dwight Howard, I love his defense, but doesn't he remind you sometimes of Kwame on offense? Some moves he is a beast, on others he looks like he's pressing when he gets a pass/rebound down low. Pump fakes and whatnot, then puts up some herky-jerky straight up bricks at times, just like dear ol' Kwame did. Not every time, but a lot of the time. --------------------- Okay, I just re-read it and still strongly disagree with your assessment of DHoward's game. (You said a lot of the time). No biggie. I've never watched Dwight's game and was reminded of Kwame. We can agree to disagree. Also on the other topic I do love Drew's touch around the basket also.
@LT - I agree with you that I trust FO to make the right decisions. I do like KLove's game, but I'm hoping for a top 5 player (DHoward) or at least a top 15 (DWill/CP3) if they're going to trade one of the bigs. @Cyber - DHoward and Kwame comparisons? Wow. To quote Mark're better than that.
I also completely AGREE! I blogged a month ago about this and getting rid of all these garbage distracted players! Don't see a driven player like Kobe doing this garbage. He needs teammates that will drive like him, even if they don't have the mad skills he has/had! Posted by: NuggetsCountry | June 21, 2011 at 12:05 PM ----------------------- Nuggets, Surely you can’t be serious about Kobe not having outside interest DURING the season? What about Kobe’s Black Mamba “Movie” Or Kobe on the Mo’Nique show… Or Kobe on the Cartoon Network Awards show… And what about Kobe “Doin Work” documentary last season? I’m not questioning Kobe’s legendary work ethic (no one should), I’m just saying he got other things going on also. The Laker players have always had more outside entertainment ventures than other teams. It’s a strong selling point for the Lakers and they would be crazy not to use it. This stuff didn’t cause the Lakers to lose this year…it hasn’t stopped them from winning in the past ...and it won’t stop them in the future.
Bynum is more Wilt than Kareem - more power than finesse. He has the best touch for a seven-footer in the league today, but his game just isn't the perfect match for the skyhook. He's also more of a face-up, low-post player vs Kareem, who went towards the baseline a lot to shoot those hooks. AS ALWAYS - AND FOREVER - GO LAKERS!!!!!! Posted by: Charon Minos | June 21, 2011 at 12:32 PM ------------------- Bynum best touch for a 7-footer in the league? How bout Bargnani, Pau, Ilgaukas, Dirk, KG, Krstic, Brad Miller, Okur, Cousins, Duncan, Hawes...etc. I'll have to throw the hyperbole flag on this one. Also excellent post at 12:49pm. I agree it is a little unsettling.
LT, Please brace yourself before Looks like the T-Wolves want Drew. Of course, I'm opposed to that trade for the same reasons I mentioned about Pau.
@Justa - thanks for the perspective on reality shows/outside ventures. I know many are looking to blame the Lakers demise on any/everything under the sun...but those distractions didn't lose the Dallas series. @LT - interesting conversation you, hobbit, LTLF, Tim-4-show and others was having o the sky hook. You mentioned players didn't shoot the jump hook in Kareem's day. I do remember Cowens shooting it often in the early-mid 70's. However I'm sure he wasn't the first. Anyone remember any of the earlier guys who starting shooting the "jump" hook instead of the "sweeping" hook? @MagicPhil - what's up. Lil MagicPhil may have to find a new favorite player if Shannon isn't back. @LTLF - I wouldn't call JJ Hickson a defensive minded player, but he sure plays more defense than Beas...but who doesn't. @Cyber - It looks like BShaw is now interviewing for Assoc HC job with the Pacers. I hope he gets his HC shot soon. Maybe he should've took that Cavs job. Also, reports say Rambis is on his way out in Minny. He may never get another shot.
I don't know if this was already posted, but its an interesting look at the trade talks with the Wolves... Lakers/Wolves Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye (Gasol-Love trade talks)...
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Free agent profile: Wilson Chandler at Lakers Now
Pau on possibly being traded.... "My desire is to stay with the Lakers. I don't have control over it but I want to stay with the Lakers for as many years as I can to be able to remain eligible for the maximum possible championships," Gasol told reporters in the northeastern city of Alicante. ---------------------- single digit temperatures and double digit inches of snow...are great motivators.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Free agent profile: Wilson Chandler at Lakers Now
Magic Johnson got it down, and he wasn't even a post player. I guarantee you Kobe could do it... what's Bynum's excuse? Oh yeah, he's too big. LOL Posted by: Tim-4-Show | June 20, 2011 at 06:35 PM --------------- Actually Kobe scored on a hook in the playoffs this year. It was a "baby" sky hook ala Magic. I believe it was in the New Orleans series.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Free agent profile: Wilson Chandler at Lakers Now
Hmmm coach Roth helped Dirk, Pau and Thabeet transition to the NBA. I'm not sure I would tout my work with Thabeet right about now. Anyway it looks like Jim Boylen is set to be hired.
LROB... Trading Pau now for Love, the #2, et al doesn’t affect the Lakers ability to pull off a deal for Dwight since that deal would involve Drew rather than Pau and would likely happen during the season before the trade deadline or during free agency next summer, assuming we have a new CBA. ................................. Posted by: LakerTom | June 20, 2011 at 12:53 PM ------------------------ LT - You're probably right. But what if Orlando prefers some package with Pau instead of Drew? I think the Lakers should put all their marbles in the DHoward sweepstakes and then make other moves from there. I would reluctantly do the T-Wolves deal if they made it Love, Wes Johnson and #2. While I like KLove's game I think the Lakers can hold out an get a superstar because Orlando, NJ and NO will be motivated sellers soon.
No - I say hold out and stay in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. @fever - Pau had an up and down regular season and a flat out bad post-season so I understand your frustrations. Many Laker fans share your sentiment. However, Pau has been in the league 10 years and has never played as bad as he did in the playoffs, therefore, I would have to say that was an anomaly. But time will tell.
Fever, Soft...smoft. If there's some other "soft" post players averaging 19pts, 9rebs, 3asst, 2blks every years please send him to the Lakers. I agree Dwight is class.
LTLF - congrats on the Friedman. Regarding your answer to your questions....if you can get DHoward you do it in a heartbeat and figure out the details later. The Lakers would have no problem getting fair value for Drew.
The whole Kobe not commenting on Mike Brown's hiring was much ado about nothing! Kobe already stated that 2011 was a "wasted" season. What was Kobe going to do...sabotage the 2012 season to prove a point? Kobe and Mike Brown need each other to be successful. I never doubted for one minute that they would be on the same page.
Dwight on whether Pau is soft or not…also good stuff on the Lakers, the finals, etc…but you’ll have to translate if you can’t read Spanish……….. Do you agree that people say Pau Gasol is soft? Dwight Howard: I don't think he's soft. I've played a lot against him. You can call him soft or whatever, but he has two things than the rest don't have: two championship rings. You can't be soft and an NBA champion. The ones who call him that I'm sure they want to mess with his head, but that's not true. He is a physical player in the paint and very smart. He's not soft at all
According to Mitch Lawrence (New York Daily News)… Don't be surprised if the Lakers shift their sights from Dwight Howard to Chris Paul or Deron Williams. New coach Mike Brown is expected to ditch Phil Jackson's triangle offense and there's some sentiment within the organization to find a star playmaker who can turn the corner.
@LT – I’m sure Orlando would take the DHoward/Lebron trade, but as of today Pat Riley is on the record as saying he’s not trading Lebron. Of course, we know that’s subject to change based on the results in 2012, but by then I believe the Magic will have made their decision on Howard. I don’t like the your proposal of trading Pau for Bass, Reddick and Nelson. The Lakers need to get a top 25 player back in return (minimum) @LTLF – My answer to your informal poll on what the Lakers should get back for Pau – (1) Dwight Howard (2) Deron Williams and a big. @latopia – Thanks for posting Robert Horry’s Father’s Day letter to Ashlyn. @GDUB – I agree about Jordan Crawford (my homie), he's very explosive and I can’t see the Wiz trading him. His upside is an instant offense type player like Jason Terry. Crawford has incredible range and tremendous confidence. His weaknesses are his shot selection and possibly accepting his role. He’s one of those guys who think he should be taking the big shot even if Jerry, MJ or Kobe is on his team. I love that type of mentality, but sometimes it needs to be reeled in a little. Enjoyed the King Curtis. That's a nice one of have stuck in your I wish they’d release on cd the Sam Cooke tribute album he did. Of course, no argument from me on the Ree-Ree :-)
Here’s one of my favs featuring the Big Man. Rest in Peace. My prayers and condolences to Clarence’s family, friends and fans.
@hobbit – If you recall I defended you (after going to the archives) in one of your disputes with MVP. But having said that…you certainly got in your share of blows. At any rate your point is duly noted. @NBA4eternity – I believe Carlisle would’ve had a ring in 2005….if that fateful night at the Palace hadn’t derailed his team. Hmmm, interesting because that means coach Brown would also have another ring.
You obviously can't count out a team like the Celtics, Spurs, Lakers even if they're seemingly not measuring up to some of the other teams in the league during the regular season. If the theory was just thrown out there as a beacon for optimism, I would have had no problem with it. It's not a bad thing to hope for the best in a situation. The problem was the theory was taken much further than that and the people that did not buy into the theory were attacked without good reason. Posted by: BayToLA1 | June 09, 2011 at 02:20 PM ----------------------- Bay To LA, Agree with mostly everything except the attacking was done on both sides. It takes two to tangle. Also, I think it’s safe to stop including the Spurs in that category since they haven’t been to the finals in 4yrs now.