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Wana - First of all, I'm a female and a Jewish American/Israeli. (BTW - "Ashan" means "smoke" in Hebrew. It is also an amalgam of the names of my 2 children.) I was simply voicing my opposition to Trump and what I believe to be his ulterior motives. Good grief, don't get bent all out of shape over this. I want what's best to save this country from the vile Red-Green alliance that is ripping this country and its precious Constitution to shreds. I am looking for candidates who are far better than Trump to move forward - Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, for instance.
Oh puhleez... It's sad to see people buy into this vulgarian opportunist's shtick. He virtually guarantees a win for Hussein. Trump voted for Hussein in 2008. He has also supported Schumer, Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Rahm Emmanuel, among other leftists. He is also pro-amnesty for illegals. Beware the Trojan Horse. We need a strong, dedicated and PROVEN conservative. Sorry. Trump isn't that.
I just saw Glenn's magnificent video on A man who puts his beliefs and his unflinching support on the line with such boldness must be sincere. Pamela - Thank you for posting it. He and you are among the few standing up for Israel in her time of peril. As an American and as an Israeli, I feel terrible fear for both nations today.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on Glenn Beck: "I Stand with Israel" at Atlas Shrugs
Despite his strong leadership against unions and fiscal irresponsibility in New Jersey, I do not see Christie as presidential material. He recently appointed a Muslim with questionable associations to a judgeship and openly supports building the Ground Zero mosque and shari'a center. He was one the few Republicans who attended Obama's state dinner honoring the tyrannical Chinese president Hu. In the 2010 Delaware primary, he supported uber-RINO Mike Castle. Christie is most definitely NOT the conservative we need.
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Something awful seems to be afoot. See today's (Feb. 1) article on Debka: EXCLUSIVE: US intelligence finds 5,000 Hizballah trained to seize Galilee towns Jones was not talking out of the top of his head, but on the strength of solid US intelligence gathered over months on detailed war plans Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas have drawn up to send five Hizballah brigades sweeping across the border to seize five sectors of Galilee, while also organizing a massive Israeli-Arab uprising against the Jewish state. Hamas would open a second front in the south and in the east. Syria is expected to step in at some stage. Read on. I live in Hadera, on the Med coast, a 20-minute drive from one of the areas that will be under attack and home to Israel's largest power station and desalination plant. You bet I'm scared. I trust the IDF will protect us. We often hear IAF planes in the skies above Hadera.
The indoctrination of children is the point of origin for a major conflagration between fascism and freedom. This terrible organization is indeed equivalent to the fascist Hitlerjugend or the Komsomol (Soviet Communist Union of Youth). Bill Ayers and his ilk were allowed to run unchecked in the Chicago school system, and, with the Dems help, this poison will spread throughout our nation's schools. First, the level of teaching was depressed. Second, the school curriculum was decimated and pumped up with lies (just look at any current history book). Then, our children were deliberately dumbed down. Now, the children are ripe for picking. Just watch - the homeschooling movement will be torn down. Like the "healthcare" ruse, which has nothing to do with actual healthcare and everything to do with power and control, will essentially force every American to be a cog in the government's wheel, this nefarious organization will force all children to undergo fascist indoctrination. If we don't rise up and throw these monsters out now, we will all be forced to suffer. I'm afraid that this year's elections might be too late. Pamela, good folks out there, please see to it that Rush and Glenn Beck get hold of this material. It needs to be broadcast and spread virally. When it comes to our children's future, exposure of this scheme is now a matter of urgency (especially in light of Glenn's recent documentary on fascism).
As with the Fort Hood Palithug jihadi and his appearance at a WH security conference and the Palithug "party crashers" Salahi who supported radical Palithug "causes" and knew Dear Leader Hussein beforehand, I'm waiting to hear about DL Hussein's connection to this one. Maybe it won't happen because the terrorist in question is Nigerian and not Palithug, but then again his Daddy has money, and that's when DL Hussein's dead-fish eyes take on a certain sparkle.
The link to this excellent article is here: These monsters, including all of those czars, who have seized control of our government, are out to thoroughly destroy it. Pass the article around.
Richard might be onto something here. The FBI declared Hasan's act not terrorism even before it ended. The smug, cold, off-handed way the attack was handled by the WH - from Dear Leader Hussein's horrifying 2 minutes of shout-out and foolishness before barely addressing the issue with proper decorum, to his warning not to "jump to conclusions" and "it's incomprehensible", to the very swift exposure of the fact that Hasan sat on Dear Leader's security panel - virtually shouts that there is some kind of linkage. The relationship between the attack and the WH (papering over the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rush to pass the health care boondoggle) is too solid to be just mere coincidence. Something is very, very rotten. It's very scary.
There's something seriously weird about the Hasan jihad attack. He used a Belgian-made FN 5-7, a high-powered gun available generally only to SWAT teams and other high-security personnel, like the Secret Service. It uses armor-piercing bullets, which is how police officer Kim Munley was shot by Hasan straight through both legs. There would be virtually no way for him to get this gun as it is not available like a Glock or other popular guns. How would he have obtained a gun like that? Could this terrible terrorist atrocity have been a set-up? He was part of a transition team and present among Obama's people. Dear Leader's behavior was tellingly strange, too. Why would he babble for over 2 minutes before lamely addressing the horrific event? Why was he so off-handed? Why did he go off to Camp David? Why would the House convene to vote on the health care bill as the worst terrorist incident on US soil since 9/11 occurred? Questions have to be asked. What is going on?
1. How was a convicted murderer allowed to become a Canadian citizen? 2. How was this murderous thug hired by a university to teach kids?? This lack of moral conviction of Canada and this university - aside from the legal issues - is simply appalling. This is an issue for the US as well, considering its justice system is being compromised and so many of its universities have been politicized and are now way out of control (re: Joseph Massad, Ward Churchill, the entire mess at Berkeley, etc.).
Never forget the Muslim saying "War is deceit". Barack Hussein (don't forget that BOTH names are Arabic) is at war with America. He and his henchmen are succeeding in their destruction of the US.