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Five pages, I am impressed. I try for two and don't always make it... I read somewhere that some author--I want to say Hemingway, but am not sure that's right--used to end their writing day mid-sentence, so that starting the next day would be easier. Sometimes I use that trick. --Linda Sue
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Hi Lois, Just finished THE SURRENDERED, and many thanks again for the recommendation. A powerful book indeed--I think much of the story will stay with me (not an easy feat these days, given my inefficient memory...). However, I found in this book as in most adult fiction I read these days that there is too much flab--too many overly wordy passages, sometimes lovely in their own right but not carrying their weight in service of the story. The more is more school of writing. And I thought the parts of the novel that dealt with Nicholas were quite unsatisfying. Also, having visited an ossuary near Prague, I completely understand the compulsion to use one as a setting...but it felt forced to me. I loved the twining of the three protags' stories...and the subtle-delicate-is-it-or-isn't-it touch of magical realism in Hector's character. All in all, a remarkable read, and thanks again. A good book recommendation is the best kind of gift!
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