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Interests: Born-again Christian Zionist; Republican/Tea Partier; learning how to be a human rights activist; concerned about America and ready to defend my country.
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Well, if Islam is political, then maybe the U.S. Constitution should no longer protect it as a religion.
Help could have been sent and the buck stops with Obama. His policy of appeasing the Muslim world, in Benghazi, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, is killing honorable Americans who are risking their lives to free others, and this is unacceptable. Providing material aid to one's enemy is Treason, and arming al-Qaeda fits into that category, does it not? The families of these four men deserve answers now, in a public hearing, not in a closed hearing after the election. Waiting until November 15th is telling the families that the re-election of the man who let their sons die is more important than providing them answers about their assassinations.
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