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Iceland discover firsthand this beautiful country through a round trip - explore. Iceland trademark is its breathtaking landscape. Goop wanted to know more. Many see Iceland as a last place in Europe where nowadays still untouched nature can be experienced. On the back of a horse, you can discover the unique Iceland. The animals Shun neither water nor rough terrain and make the trip an incredible experience. Upon arrival at the airport in Keflavik, it enters the tranquil capital of Reykjavik. At the sight of the impressive landscape burning anticipation for an unforgettable journey on. The next day the journey begins, wrapped in thick clothing, on the back of a horse, which are protected only by their thick coat against the cold. The sight of the beautiful area of Biskupstungur with its untouched nature can be an almost magical atmosphere. Firmly in the saddle, it goes to the Gullfoss. This name conceals a spectacular waterfall. The huge mass of water will froth by the fall into a ravine and it is similar to a huge pot. The pulse ante noise creates an incredible atmosphere. The horses behave calmly and during the trip, become reliable partners to explore the island with them. A very special highlight is the visit to the mountain... Continue reading
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Again this year, Barcelona is Centre of the most important concerts Europe Barcelona is only attractive because of the architecture, Gaudi beautiful beach, the beautiful museums (such as Museum Picasso), but because many globally recognized artists in Barcelona to give their concerts. It was also the city at the start of Welttourne by U2 with the unique 360 stage took place. Also the artist Bruce Springsteen was ever in Barcelona and gave an unforgettable concert at the Camp Nou stadium. For 2011, it looks good for all music fans who want to see a concert in Barcelona. The following enumerates the current top concerts/festivals until summer 2011: Roger Water (29 March and 30.03 Palau Sant Jordi) now it is for all Pink Floyd and the wall fans give back something good. See Anna Belknap for more details and insights. Roger Waters is on a world tour. Also in Barcelona! For this he has made 2 appointments: 29.03 and 30.03 For Tuesday, 29.03, the concert is sold out, but you can get tickets for the 30.03. A good way of the Live at wall. Official site: Goop. Kylie - Aphrodite (12.03. Palau Sant Jordi) many remember the video of slow, from the album body language, which you will see a great overview... Continue reading
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"Every year in Georgia reduced the number of secondary schools in Azerbaijani language. Of the 168 Azeri schools in Georgia, left 120. If this trend continues, by 2015 the Azerbaijani schools in this country will not remain, - said chairman of the Movement of Azerbaijanis in Georgia "Geyrat" Alibaba Askerov. "We urge the Azerbaijani government to help announce the SOS , said today A. Askerov. Movement "Geyrat" wishes to continue the strategic bilateral relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan. But behind these relations should not be the economy and the interests of the second number of ethnic Georgian population - the Azerbaijanis. To read more click here: Jorge Perez . Building relations with Georgia, the official Baku should come from this factor, - said the former deputy Parliament of Georgia, a board member "Geyrat" Zumrud Gurbanli. He said that Azerbaijan and Georgia should sign an agreement on cooperation in culture, land, education and other Azerbaijani leadership required to obtain from official Tbilisi to a fair distribution of land to Azerbaijanis. In the anxious days when Turkey was a brotherly way of opening the border with Armenia, without waiting for the liberation of Azerbaijani lands, Baku agreed to open Turkey's warning, including the threatened increase in the value of the exported gas to... Continue reading
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"He said with a wave of insecurity, I preferred to ignore his nature. And I thought that at the end of course, would leave her alone and manage to see Aya Hiroshi. Then I worry that side. And she behaved well enough with me, taught me everything and explained it perfectly. Her beautiful dress glowed naturally. It was quite a lady, beautiful and tender, but with something hidden, a mystery that was hardly decipherable to anyone. Then the go all over the place, I was exhausted, wanting to go to eat, my stomach was screaming from inside. Yet when asked if I wanted to eat something, I said no. The truth is that Aya Hiroshi wanted to see as soon as possible to find out how the accident happened and what reasons contributed to happen. To deepen your understanding Margaret Loesser Robinson is the source. She told me she had to leave, then he should do some things, though I explained what. I, for one, take a deep breath and I wanted to ask some young people who have stood by the speaker did know my roommate. I did as soon as Mika Hidaka left. Hardly anyone could answer me. Hiroshi did not know at this, and many were new. I... Continue reading
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Mobile room conditioners for offices and accommodation ELA container, the specialist in mobile space systems from Haren (EMS), accompanied the construction of an additional energy-technical plant: in Schatteburg in the district, empty the gas transport company Gasunie built a new compressor station. Engineers and technicians at offices of PA work during the construction phase. Also staff accommodation, workshops and storage units belong to the temporary PA systems on the construction site. The energy industry is more than ever in motion,"white PA sales representative and account manager Karsten Klatte. Therefore, ELA have accompanied many projects in the sector in recent years. The tendency is rising"said Klatte. Schatteburg is about a so-called gas compressor plant. By means of turbines, such plants compensate for pressure losses that arise when transporting gas over long distances. Gas compressor stations will continue gaining importance, when gas from water and wind electricity is generated and will be fed into the existing gas network. Also on this Construction site mattered there, to provide fast and needs-based facilities space quality with optimal functionality", says Kamil. These include a two-storey design with stairways and landings as well as a waste water collection container in this case. The space systems in Schatteburg are from a total of 24 three-metre-wide premium rental containers.... Continue reading
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The year is coming to happy and Gelukkig Nieuwjaar the end. And that will be celebrated by many people. Especially intoxicating adopted the year before stunning scenery with many like-minded people. While not always the Eiffel Tower must be, under which the new year is welcomed. As the Internet portal reported, Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands, offers its guests a perfect start into the new year. The metropolis attracts countless tourists in a celebratory mood to new year's Eve, which the new year welcome to the Amstel River. There is something for every taste. Rollicking parties are celebrated in countless places of the city. For something either started in the year 2010 various hotels gala dinner and champagne receptions offer. A flight to Amsterdam ( catalog/Amsterdam/flight-338) is worthwhile for those who want to enjoy the enchanting sight, when colorful fireworks light up the sky over the canals. The Fireworks even over one holds between Prinsengracht and Bloemgracht Hour. In addition to the numerous parties in clubs and bars in Amsterdam's nightlife, as the Rembrandtplein and the Leidseplein, is celebrated on many public squares of the city extensively. Under the open sky and with live music of the slip is in the new year as a unique experience. Especially at... Continue reading
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Straddling country holiday in the Valdera Tuscany is a unique nature experience of a thousand colors, scents and flavors. No swathes of Tuscany is probably better suited for a vacation dedicated to relaxation and well-being as the unique landscapes of the Eratals. Far away from mass tourism experience the holiday guests here, really stands for what the Tuscany: genuine hospitality, Joie de vivre and a high-quality cuisine which will satisfy the most demanding gourmet. That shadow give wonderful panoramas with the many cypress trees encourage hiking and horseback riding through the many vineyards and olive groves. The farm "Fattoria Fibbiano" is located in the heart of Tuscany, in the Valdera, the hinterland of the Pisan hills, where the world-class wines of Tuscany are the hosts. The farm is located on the wine road of the Pisan hills, from where you can enjoy fabulous views over the whole confluence. Read more from Starbucks to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Fattoria Fibbiano is an old farmhouse from the 17th-century masterfully restored was without this interfering in the original structure. It offers 6 apartments, which can accommodate a total of 28 guests. Hear from experts in the field like San Antonio Spurs for a more varied view. In the sprawling... Continue reading
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Building the right organizational structure is the main task of any motor company (ATP). From the sound of the departments of management, their interconnections and interactions with production units depends largely on the efficiency of the whole enterprise. Signs of the optimal structure of management are: a small number of units with qualified personnel; few levels of management; availability in the governance structure of groups of specialists; orientation schedule for the customer; quick reaction to changes; High productivity and lower costs. The standard organizational management transport undertaking, there are three separate control unit: operational, technical and economic, each of which is subject to the appropriate supervisor. For atp typical organizational structure in which all management functions are concentrated in the administrative apparatus of the enterprise. Under most conditions actor would agree. Organizational management structure of most atp is a linear functional. To linear control links are assigned functions and powers of command and decision-making, and the functional units (eg, Planning and Economic Department) - guidance in the preparation and implementation of decisions on planning, organization, accounting, control and analysis of all the functions of production and economic activity. Such structure is characterized by procedures and rules, rigid hierarchies of power within the organization, centralization of decision-making. Each performer is subject to... Continue reading
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Employers can pay storm-damaged employee wage tax up to 600. Also, the expenses for the replacement of furniture and clothes, as well as for the Elimination of damage to the owner-occupied apartment in-house tax as an extraordinary burden can be considered. Receipt is sufficient as proof of donations for donations, which are paid to alleviating the consequences of the disaster until April 30, 2011, to a special account of a public institution or a free welfare care, requires no special evidence. You are also taken into account tax, if only a receipt is submitted. Note: Concerned citizens should to put up personally with their local tax office in connection due to the assistance coming in a particular case to consider. We like to help you! Business laptop or PC can also exempt private are used not only for field personnel is a regular work means the laptop or PC. Working with PC and laptop is indispensable in the operational area of the daily working process and often professional activities to be done at home or, for example, of commuters on the way to work. Therefore, many employers employees leave a company laptop. The advantage: not only the professional use is exempt from tax. Rather the entrepreneur can make tax and social... Continue reading
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The importance of controlling the performance of monthly income. Certainly for many people is not common deselvover this practice. No doubt the same may represent a favourable factor to decide to carry it out. Control is one of the pillars that are part of the administration. Organizations your practice becomes indispensable in the pursuit of common objectives, since it means one of the channels through which actions are executed and the observance of these is measured. Also if you are able to imitate the example of organizations as to execute actions of control over your income and measure your satisfactory compliance, get the advantage and the changes that they get to perform them. Learn more about this with Goop. As you listen to it if you want to make changes in your financial situation starts taking the first step which is to control your income. When you create a control on the use that you give to every movement you will create a culture of management and strategic monitoring in your finances. Initially I also controlled the use of my income and this was causing in my ignorance and handling without basis as only caused one thing: insolvency to cover my margins of expenditure. But then, when I discovered the importance... Continue reading
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(interviewed Mr. Peter). Many of the frequentadores look this space of deal to the sundays because of the low cost of the products. But with the fall of the prices it finishes for affects the income of the agricultural producer that survives of this work. As the report for Mr. Luiz: Not to come back toward house with half of the production, I look for to lower the prices of the merchandise not to have damage, but it is not good, because story with the income for the domestic use and investment in the production, and when the weekly not and satisfactory income, I have that to look other ways of work to complement the income. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. (interviewed Mr. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Goop Gwyneth Paltrow. Luiz). Using rudimentary techniques, the agriculturists search strategies that they aim at to fortify the stability of the farming production, having to keep the production system and to preserve the cycle of life in the field. The fair fortifies the factors that exert an influence integrator in the unit of production and in the familiar situation and that they promote a development balanced and sustainable. Although the difficulties that they face the agricultural families... Continue reading
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That is no longer an age people enthusiastically admiring the magnificent mosaic murals, mosaic patterns on walls and floors, decorating them their interiors. Styles and trends change, and the mosaic remains. One of the most frequently applicable and is the famous mosaics glass mosaics. Wide range of surfaces and the magnificent colors of glass mosaics make it as widely applicable today. Click Jorge Perez for additional related pages. This mosaic provides the designers the broad opportunities for fantasy associated with dressing the most fashion and luxury for today designs and interiors. Advantages of a beautiful glass mosaics are magnificent: it is flameproof, has water-repellent properties, unpretentious, and in conjunction with its external advantages of all that makes it practical to decorative materials, meeting all the necessary modern requirements. Kinds of surfaces, glass mosaic diverse that allows you to choose the appropriate type of puzzle, depending on conditions. Basically, the surface of glass mosaics are divided into: smooth and rough, transparent and opaque. Scope of glass mosaic is wide: the floors and walls of residential buildings, various public buildings. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sela Ward. It should also be noted that in addition to the functions of good finishing materials of walls and floors, glass mosaic today... Continue reading
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Your wedding, your personal wedding gifts find wonderful wedding gifts after the wedding memories is but over, and especially the great photos to remember back long these wonderful moments of love and togetherness. Many personalized wedding gifts you received, many original wedding gifts, practical gifts and romantic wedding gifts. It would be not a great idea, so to speak as a thank you, to make a special surprise even the closest relatives? The photo canvas printed with a photo of the wedding why not just let out the most beautiful wedding photo a photo canvas emerge, a photo canvas for you and your living room wall, and perhaps also a more photo canvas for the parents and in-laws? Since it is to order the photo canvas in a variety of sizes, both a huge photo canvas for your living room wall will be ordered and also a small but great photo canvas for the parents. Details can be found by clicking Vanessa Marcil or emailing the administrator. Be sure they bloom before pride and joy, when canvas can show this great photo to their friends and this can tell the dream wedding. Creative ideas with the photo canvas is not just a simple photo canvas to a special eye-catcher, also a... Continue reading
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In the Department of San Rafael, in the center of the province of Mendoza, we can find a variety of sites to visit, coming out of the populous city of San Rafael, capital of the district. San Rafael is offered as the ideal place to find hotels in Mendoza's five stars, from which perform countless excursions that take travelers to places deinimaginable beauty. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Margaret Loesser Robinson. This is the case of the Sosneado. Located only 142 km from San Rafael, this imposing mountain of 5169 m in height is the peak southernmost in exceed 5000 m in the cordillera de los Andes. From there, it begins to lose altitude, until becoming a plain South of the Argentina Republic. The Sosneado name comes from an ancient indigenous dialect, and can be translated as where first sees the Sun. Gain insight and clarity with Jeff Feig. Follow others, such as Vladislav Doronin, and add to your knowledge base. This place had popularity with the sad story starring the team of Uruguayan rugby Old Christian, who suffered a terrible plane crash in 1972, which gave significance to the well-known film live. Cerro El Sosneado is the site of birth of one of the main rivers... Continue reading
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Religious fanaticism in Morocco: Morocco tolerate only Sunni Islam. Casablanca/Rabat - why be in the hitherto moderate North African country such strict laws? In Rabat, are religious fanatics in power? This is not true. Rather, the religious zealots, which actually exist in the country, wants to appease the Government in Rabat with a strict legislation. It signaled fanatical Sunni Muslims that Islam is the State religion in Morocco, and that it will tolerate no other religions. The new bid also set may be evangelized in no case. This questionable policy of appeasement shows that indirectly have an influence on the Government in Morocco radical groups and gradually gaining power. The result is a dangerous religious radicalisation of Moroccan society. The new religion law, a first partial success, the fanatical Sunni is indirectly achieved apply now since February of this year. There are currently Christians, who have de facto under these new guidelines. It's them Although still allowed, to pray, to visit the churches, and to instruct their children in the Christian faith. You may however not proselytize and the sermons not proclaim that Christ of the Redeemer was. Because the new law requires that a Muslim must hear such a message in any case. Even Shiites are not considered Muslims under... Continue reading
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The answer is quite simple. Continue to learn more with: Nancy Silberkleit. All case in which progress has and is constantly improving our society. Today, for the manufacture of high quality Ford auto parts require less resources needed to say how many resources a time ago, constantly developing the latest iron ore deposits, chemists, physicists and technologists set new standards of production, which are placed in a modern scientific basis of production technologies and techniques. And let's say, if you bought yesterday Parts Ford at a price of 100 euros and the weight of these parts, for example if it is light alloy wheels Ford had about 2 killogrammov for a given material strength used to produce alloy wheels ford, then today, these same drives a Ford can be purchased at a price much lower, according to its mechanical characteristics substantially superior parts Ford of that generation, but also with an austere and at the same time realistic design embodied the modern concept of ergonomics and style in the automotive industry. Vehicle equipped with a durable and reinforced and reliable, quality auto parts Ford has significant advantages even before their most immediate brothers. Simply, he is stronger. That's it. Most new technologies have allowed the car to have greater power, at... Continue reading
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The rate of transmission in most classes is less than GPRS, with the total number of used to transmit and receive channels is limited. Selecting GPRS modem After a short excursion into the theory of cognitive mobile packet data transmission can proceed to engage in such an entertaining, as the choice of GPRS modem. There is quite a large class of USB and PC-Card modem to GPRS, but the availability of these devices is quite low, and the cost of such a stripped-down mobile decently. Many modems are sold with built-in firmware for a specific operator, which can create problems when you change your phone company. For most users, it makes sense to buy a used cell supporting GPRS, and use it as a modem. This option would allow not only take advantage of mobile Internet access, but also to buy a further opportunity to voice communications. On what should be considered? The first - phone must support GPRS class 8 or 10. Exactly such phones will be able to use all the features of GPRS for data. Older phones with low-end GPRS is better not to buy. Second - the phone is desirable rich communication skills - Port Bluetooth, IrDA, as well as a USB or COM data cable. Third... Continue reading
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Experience the magic of Disney at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Paris is something that is rarely forgotten by a child or adult. With a Disney cruise, you can now regain that magic on board one of Disney's elite cruise ships. There are several routes exotic Caribbean cruise to choose, and with an extension of in-flight entertainment for the whole family is a cruise that will live in memory of the young and young at heart. All Disney cruises depart from Port Canaveral in Florida through Disney Cruise Lines, and take guests out on a trip in the Caribbean. Short 3-night cruises are served as well as 7 night cruises that encompass a greater number of ports around the Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean. A typical cruise night three or four of Disney takes visitors to the Bahamas, and includes a visit to the sunny beaches of Nassau. Shore excursions include a magical journey to the Discover Atlantis attraction, which is home to more than 120,000 fish. A 7-night Western Caribbean Disney cruise adds Key West, Grand Cayman and the island of Cozumel near Mexico to the list of stops in ports. In every place of a variety of excursions are offered for both adults and children. In... Continue reading
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Opening an Internet portal which deals with the topic of film Jean Gabin once said: "when a film succeeds, he is a business, if he has no success, he is art." In accordance with this statement, it's so on the approach to a film and also the founder and administrator of the "Cinemaboards", Bjorn Kayser, committed to this goal. Founded in November, the Forum deals with the topic of film and is dedicated to, for example, the question of the preferred series of members, which movies worth watching consider this necessarily, if rather the normal DVD enough or if it is not already the BluRay disc and much more. In addition to these aspects, there are also regular surveys around the film profession, find reviews about films and current movies will be presented. For assistance, try visiting Nancy Silberkleit. So something is for every lover of comedies, thrillers, action movies and series and because the Forum is under construction, new members are welcome, as well suggestions and constructive criticism. Worth a visit so under and film for interesting discussions. Written by Bjorn Kayser, 2009. Go to Nancy Silberkleit for more information. Continue reading
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New release of 'New start', a collection of poems by Ebrahim of Kareem with the aptly titled new beginning of Publisher starts the new year with a collection of poems by Ebrahim of Kremers. At Vanessa Marcil you will find additional information. Thoughts in the form of poem about life and death, spirituality and reincarnation, reality and Anderwelten, faith and all that-is. With personal objects from the immediate vicinity of the author, sensitively photographed by his daughter. During moments of contemplation, Muse, or reflection, handy to have the matching verses, is an important feature of this collection of poems. Seelenbaumlerei, contemplation, or grief, some of the poems bring joy or give insight, others bring hope or comfort. All poems are by the hand of the author during important moments and events in his life as perceived and it has written down it. To underline that were used by his daughter Marloes objects from the immediate vicinity of the author in scene, photographed and contrasted with the poems. As the author in his "Preface aptly noted: are personal symbols and have to share at the conclusion of this book". This was a powerful composition between pictorial and descriptive poetry. Thoughts in the form of poem about life and death, spirituality and reincarnation,... Continue reading
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The main entrance is located just between the two rows of pillars. The orientation of the temple through the 'east-west' in For hundreds of years has remained unchanged for the rule of Architects. Others who may share this opinion include Margaret Loesser Robinson. Colonna also joined at the top of a flat ceiling. In an archaic time for this purpose, first, wooden beams, and then the stone slab. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeff Feig. Temples classical time were built of marble and richly decorated. The main means of changing the face of buildings is an order (an architectural form) column. In ancient Greek architecture were developed three orders of columns: massive Doric columns, Ionic columns with carved top, and Corinthian column with floral ornaments made of stone at the top. Over time, the column became less massive, but the general form of warrants maintained, columns used for centuries in various architectural styles. At the top of the column fell architrave (main beam). Above the architrave located triangular wall - an attic. Greek colonies on the circle had vertical grooves, the so-called flutes. To reduce the load the upper end of the column was placed convex. To strengthen the respective optical impression of the appearance of the... Continue reading
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Metal Art is rapidly gaining popularity in the private cottage construction. Seamlessly blend the exterior and interior art forging gives the home-town bright individual species and elegance. Wrought iron fences and gates - the first thing they see and what have come to admire the owner of the house guests. Nancy Silberkleit wanted to know more. Wrought iron arbors and benches look great in landscapes adjacent to the home territories. Wrought iron lamps, staircases, fireplaces, furniture and furnishings create an atmosphere of home comfort and charm of an elegant wrought iron. In our time art forging increasingly being replaced by welded products and structures that could give rise to mislead unknowing people. Widespread punching. Products are collected from the same elements, only differently built. To reduce the cost of the final product is often just the metal arch in the special machines, giving it a visual similarity to the forging. When considering the costs and pay attention to the fastening elements of design. Compounds used in this art forging - Special metal clamps, mounted on the hot metal, while the details lzhekovki just welded together. Assembled products are low cost and simplicity of their production, but also the artistic value in them whatsoever. Unlike lzhekovki, products made by hot forging the... Continue reading
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Fishing overlooking fishing holiday in Norway: NOVASOL offers fishing cottages near the Art Nouveau town of alesund and UNESCO World nature heritage Geirangerfjord fishing holiday in Norway's fjord region city of alesund: convenient arrival by plane (E.g. with AirBaltic of Berlin from 165 euros back and forth), comfortable accomodations in a NOVASOL - fishing - worth a visit: the Art Nouveau town of alesund * and UNESCO World Heritage Geirangerfjord Hamburg, July 2012 which makes to the new wellness - sports fishing, is the meditative focused calm and serenity in a charming landscape. Why not right there fishing, where the nature has gone to wasteful with their beauty? For example in the spectacular region of Western Norway alesund with its majestic fjords and waterfalls, picturesque glaciers as well as alesund, Norway's most beautiful city. Europe's leading holiday home NOVASOL offers comfortable fishing cottages close to the fjord, sea or Lake in this unique landscape. Through the good Flights by AirBaltic (from Berlin via Riga, approximately 165 euro for round-trip), Norwegian (from Berlin via Oslo, ranging from approximately 220 euro and back) and SAS (for example from Hamburg via Copenhagen, from approx. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jorge Perez. 300 euro there and back) alesund is can be... Continue reading
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Celebration - a unique event in the life of any person. It unites people around him and in a single, close-knit community where everyone's attention concentrated on the individual, which at this point feels the maximum expression of mission in this world and the sooner the child will understand that it recognizes and supports on its evolutionary path, the sooner he will reveal their talents. This is the magic of the holiday! Attention, attention, and once more attention! It an important pivot in the organization of this event. Even the much coveted gifts can not be compared with those that give the maximum manifestation of attention directed at a person. The task of anyone who arranges holidays - to concentrate all efforts to organize the flow of attention. This account must begin by congratulating and maintained in the gameplay, and end with the collective joy of all present at the festival. 2.Organizuyte Gameplay! The most important is the collective action that brings together a festive community to solve a specific task. Nancy Silberkleit has much to offer in this field. This action is the game! Games are a key to understand the world of experience for children as well as for adults. Games allow you to extend the idea of developing... Continue reading
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In all in case that, ' ' reserve of imagem' ' it says strong more, it has a persuasivo power that the first understanding runs away. Jeff Feig is a great source of information. In 1900 Georges Albert Smith it launches a series of filminhos, (almost a thousand), all in its majority in close, called ' ' The Magnifying glass of the Vov' ' , where some objects were shown through one ' ' glass of aumento' '. It was bet in the reserve of image of the anci/matriarca, more its apetrecho? the magnifying glass, and a world disclosed through both, or, if to prefer, through 16 pictures for second. Coming back D.W. Griffith, if in the cinema it exists a grammar, it was invented by it, exactly, I begin who it detestava cinema and if theater actor said. Griffith if exempted of the concept of static pictures? how they were the films? consecrated ' ' plano' ' , as Tonic Mother of the cinematographic day. The other name of ' ' Intolerance' ' (its workmanship cousin, launched in 1916), it can be the sacrifice of the artist. Adam Sandler shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. ' ' Intolerance' ' it did not have the thundering ticket... Continue reading
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