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Mr.Chips, I am one of Mr.OC's grade 11's students who uses twitter. Although I understand and respect your concerns, I'm unable to agree with them. Mr.OC, guest speakers we have had and many other Mulgrave teachers have spoken to us about "internet safety" and confidentiality. It's also been said that if we are uncomfortable with having our names on the internet, we are able to use another name, For example, I use my middle name. Also, we use twitter as an educational and note taking tool. We have had TOK classes and teachers from around the world join in on our conversations. We are smart enough to know not to post things that are inappropriate, and if we were too we have many teachers following us on twitter. Mulgrave is the most caring school community I have ever been in, they are in no means trying to get us in trouble. Mr.OC has introduced technology to Mulgrave in a way no one has anticipated, we will continue to be using twitter under any names we wish. If you feel this way, perhaps you should protect yourself and not worry about other people. Thank you
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Feb 22, 2013