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Luke Honey
Antiques & Fine Art Dealer and Writer. Unhealthy interest in second-hand books and unreliable cars. Loves gin and backgammon, loathes mashed potato.
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And now for something completely different. White Trash Cooking by Ernest Matthew Mickler. I came across this by chance (understandably it’s not as well known in England) and added it to lucky Mrs Aitch’s Christmas stocking. Ernie Mickler was born... Continue reading
Mrs Maciver’s Good Scotch Haggis (From The Cook’s Oracle by Dr William Kitchiner (1817) Make the haggis bag perfectly clean. Parboil the draught. Boil the liver very well so as it will grate. Dry the meal before the fire. Mince... Continue reading
Ah, The King’s Ginger! I had forgotten about that, although I have a bottle or two left of the stuff lying around somewhere. Now why hasn’t that appeared on The Greasy Spoon before? We’re very much in GS Territory. Amused by the ‘wife cheater’. Luckily, no such probs with Mrs Aitch. Quite the reverse. Just subscribed to your blog.
Over at The Peak of Chic, my blogging friend Jennifer Boles’s recent posts on The Duke and Duchess of Windsor had me scurrying to the bookcase to dig out the Duke’s fascinating memoir, A Family Album. Jennifer’s post featured rare... Continue reading
Oh, no need to apologise. We all love The Avengers.
Thanks. Yup. Indeed. Very much a stock-making time of the year, isn't it? Can't think of anything more satisfying. Actually it's kaju chicken in kaala masala tonight- from the Camellia Panjabi book, 50 Great Curries of India. Time to leave the hovel and buy some chicken.
You know, I rather like this time of year, as in-between and as weird as it feels. London’s empty; the streets are deserted- it’s like living in one of those old black and white episodes from The Avengers. The Christmas... Continue reading
The first commercially produced Christmas Card (1843), designed by Henry Cole (1808-1882) Wishing all Greasy Spooners, wherever you are in the world, my very best wishes for a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. The free range turkey’s in the... Continue reading
Hi Selena I left the skins on. Remember that the whole thing is eventually going to be passed through a sieve, which will get rid of the bits. But there might be other ways of doing it: you could always roast the garlic (skins on) in the oven, until you get that soft creamy garlicky thing going on, within. And then add them at the liquidising stage. It’s amazing how garlic changes its flavour when roasted. Becomes much subtler, and you loose that bitter, raw harshness. So you should be able to use large amounts of garlic without fear or trepidation. Happy Christmas!
Just had a quick look at your post. This looks great- I need to come back and read in detail. And I have a thing about piccalilli too. Spent hours trying to work out the perfect version. Shall read with interest...
Suprsingly okayish, isn’t it? The layer of gelatine sounds most authentic.
Every year I cook a Christmas ham. I don’t care what the foodies say, I’m always amazed what you can do (with a bit of preparation and a decent recipe) to improve a bog-standard supermarket gammon. This year I’ve bought... Continue reading
I’ve become obsessed with Garlic and Saffron Soup. Do you know this? I think I first tried it at our gastro-local, The Canton Arms. It’s a garlicky, golden-coloured soup, flavoured with saffron, and thickened with bread- Mrs David would approve.... Continue reading
There was also the "Harrods of Cheltenham"- Cavendish House (is it still there?) and my own all-time favourite, Pettit's of Wallingford- a splendid, old fashioned department store in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, of all places- the shop front looks like something from the Wild West, Victorian cast-iron work et al.
Hi Peng Was trying to get in touch with you via email- can you drop me a line, Many thanks, Luke
This was a kind birthday present from my in-laws, but it would also make a brilliant Christmas present for a keen amateur cook. It’s the “Butchers’ Shop Electric Food Mincer”, as sold by Coopers of Stortford. I had been agonising... Continue reading
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Dec 10, 2015