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Luke Honey
Antiques & Fine Art Dealer and Writer. Unhealthy interest in second-hand books and unreliable cars. Loves gin and backgammon, loathes mashed potato.
Recent Activity
“Phasianus versicolour” by William Home Lizars, circa 1840 The world is divided between those who know how to pluck pheasants, and those who don’t. That said, I rarely pluck pheasants or game now. Last year we were given a brace... Continue reading
Jane- a belated reply to your comment. Many thanks for your kind words. Always fun when readers leave comments. Doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Would love to have seen “Food Wine & Friends’, but I fear it’s now been consigned to the dustbin of television history.
Ruth ‘Dusty’ Anderson, 1944 I used to enjoy Hallowe’en. Back in the 70’s, the British Hallowe’en was a charming, subtle affair: a ghost story read aloud at nursery school, a spooky cartoon on the BBC perhaps; bobbing for apples (remember... Continue reading
Don’t think I’ve had a Brown Windsor Soup for a very, very long time. Trying to remember and my mind’s drawing a blank. It has a reputation. I’m thinking back to the late 1940’s or 50’s: deserted hotel restaurants; threadbare,... Continue reading
Go. Seriously sophisticated cooking here.
I’ve discovered a favourite new London restaurant. Found not in the swanky environs of St James’s, the frenetic backstreets of Soho or the hipster hovels of Shoreditch; but in a re-cycled shipping container plonked on the second floor deck of... Continue reading
Couldn’t agree with you more. Please don’t get me started, trying hard these days not to rant... Afraid Jack’s copped it, so that’s why the Corniche has gone. Hope they got a good price for it.
In a way I’m as interested in the bastardisation of food as I am in original, bona-fide, pukka version of a dish. Perhaps even more so. Go into a bookshop and sniff around the Chinese bit of the cookery section.... Continue reading
Agreed. As much as I like the designer tonics, with all the hype it's easy to forget that Schweppes still makes the classic tonic. It's the slimline stuff I would avoid like the plague. Too sweet, nasty artificial saccharine taste.
Brexit: Gin Lane or Beer Street? Since I started writing The Greasy Spoon back in the Autumn of 2007, I don’t think I have ever missed a monthly post. Not that I am going to do that now, but truthfully,... Continue reading
When was the last time you had a Waldorf Salad? Does anybody make this anymore or has it been consigned to the culinary dustbin of history? According to our trusty friend, Wikipedia, the classic salad was “first created between 1893... Continue reading
Toast Water? Really? Or more accurately 'Toast- and- Water’, as Isabella Beeton put it. Like coddled egg, it’s one of those slightly fragile Victorian recipes intended, presumably, for invalids- and back in the dark days of Queen Victoria’s reign, there... Continue reading
I enjoyed the Painting the Modern Garden exhibition at the Royal Academy- especially the last few rooms featuring a series of water lily paintings by Monet. Monet’s a hero. He enjoyed an envious and civilised existence, thinking about it, not... Continue reading